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Codeplay and Fixstars Team Up to Promote OpenCL Development in Japan

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Codeplay Software Ltd. and Fixstars Corporation announced a new business partnership to deliver Open Computing Language (OpenCL) software development and consulting services to Japanese firms and research laboratories. The partnership will help promote adoption of OpenCL among application developer communities as well as semiconductor designers. This announcement comes at the same time as the Khronos Groups second leg of their Pan Pacific Tour 2012 is getting underway in Beijing.
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Fixstars to hold the first OpenCL™ programming seminar in Tokyo, Japan

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Fixstars Corporation is proud to host the OpenCL programming seminar for software developers in Tokyo, July 23. Fixstars will contribute to the penetration of the OpenCL in various industries by teaching at seminars with its expertise in multi-core programming. "Khronos warmly welcomes Fixstars hosting the first OpenCL programming seminar in Japan," said Neil Trevett, chair of the OpenCL working group, president of the Khronos Group and vice president at NVIDIA. "Providing developers the skills and insights to use a state-of-the-art technology such as OpenCL is a vital part of the growing parallel programming ecosystem, and Fixstars is uniquely qualified to provide the quality training that will result in stunning parallel applications." Fixstars recently joined the Khronos Group as a contributing member.
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