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Building Mali Graphics Debugger support for Unity3D apps, developed with OpenGL ES and using Vulkan

ARM blog post on Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) integration in Unity. Covering MGD support for Unity applications developed with OpenGL ES and Vulkan.
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Machine learning-ready FPGAs from the edge to the cloud with OpenVX and OpenCL

Xilinx, Inc announced expansion into a wide range of vision guided machine learning applications with the Xilinx reVISION stack. Developers with limited hardware expertise can use a C/C++/OpenCL development flow with industry-standard frameworks and libraries like Caffe and OpenCV to develop embedded vision applications on a single Zynq SoC or MPSoC. For application level development, Xilinx supports industry-standard frameworks including Caffe for machine learning and OpenVX for computer vision.
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Khronos’ OpenXR gathering was almost without a doubt the most important VR-related event at GDC17


Last week was GDC, and a ton of new tech, as well as new VR games and apps were announced and broadcast out to millions. But one of the most important stories out of GDC was also one of the least flashy. It was a gathering held by a nonprofit known as The Khronos Group, and it dealt directly with how much new VR hardware and software is being released, and how it is rapidly becoming more and more difficult for developers to keep up. Say Hello to OpenXR.
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Around the world this March - Six Chapter Meetups

Khronos Chapters are very busy this month with a total of six meetups around the world. Meetups are taking place this March in Milano, Oslo, Cluj Romania, London, Prague and Boston. Check out the details of each meetup and join one for an educational and fun look at Khronos Technology. No Chapter near you? Find out how you can start your own Chapter.
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Phoronix chats with Khronos president Neil Trevett about Vulkan, OpenXR, SPIR-V In 2017

Phoronix had a call with The Khronos Group president Neil Trevett to discuss some of their latest initiatives and the ongoing advancements to the Vulkan API, WebGL, SPIR-V, and more. Read about some of the highlights.
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Imagination’s Furian GPU a massive step up in performance with OpenCL 2.0, Vulkan 1.0 and OpenVX 1.1

Furian is designed to address the increasing compute requirements across multiple applications and market segments with efficient use of compute APIs including OpenCL 2.0, Vulkan 1.0 and OpenVX 1.1*. Furian adds a bi-directional GPU/CPU coherent interface for efficient sharing of data; and a transition to user mode queues from kernel mode queues which reduces latency and CPU utilization for compute operations. Based on a published Khronos specification, GPUs based on the PowerVR Furian architecture are expected to pass the Khronos Conformance Testing Process. Current conformance status can be found at
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Interview with OpenXR Working Group Chair Nick Whiting

Nick Whiting is the elected OpenXR Working Group Chair and technical director of AR and VR at Epic Games. “VR and AR have experienced a boom of interest recently, and with that, a flood of hardware and software companies have begun spinning up efforts in the field,” Khronos said in a news release. “While variety is great, the growing number of devices, each with their own incompatible APIs is increasing fragmentation.” The key issue now, Whiting said, is timing. Read the complete interview.
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Unity up to 5.6 to get Google Daydream and Khronos Vulkan

Content made in Unity is supported in Daydream and can even be made in VR. Vulkan has had rudimentary support since December, and this update promises to make it easy to port almost any content to Vulkan to make it run more easily and efficiently, even for users with lesser hardware.
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AMD reveals Radeon Vega’s final name, infuses Bethesda games with Vulkan

AMD’s deal with Bethesda spans multiple games across a range of series. The crux is primarily to implement Vulkan as well as “the computing and graphics power of AMD Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs.”
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NVIDIA Rolls Out Vulkan GeForce Graphics Driver 377.01 Beta

NVIDIA has announced the availability of a new Vulkan GeForce and Quadro Graphics driver targeted at both desktop and notebook configurations, namely version 377.01 beta (or, which manages to resolve an issue encountered with SteamVR shaders.
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