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Cesium launches online COLLADA to glTF drag-and-drop online converter

• Tags: glTF cesium COLLADA

The COLLADA to glTF converter online tool allows you to convert your COLLADA models to glTF for use with Cesium. Simply drag-and-drop your COLLADA file (.dae) and any images it references by zipping them together. A self-contained glTF file will be downloaded once the conversion is finished, and a model preview will be shown below.
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Cesium now has full support for glTF models

• Tags: API Tutorials glTF cesium COLLADA


Cesium has introduced full support for glTF models. A demo with example aircraft, ground vehicle, and character models is available. There is also a tutorial on how to use the Cesium API for glTF, and a tool to convert COLLADA to glTF (based on COLLADA2GLTF).
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Great WebGL and glTF demo

• Tags: Library glTF cesium WebGL

Analytical Graphics, Inc. used the Cesium library with WebGL along with glTF assets to simulate Orbital's Cygnus spacecraft mission to the International Space Station.
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