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Intel releases conformant OpenCL 1.2 driver and Developer Kit 2013

The new Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2013 extends Intel’s OpenCL support to include a certified OpenCL* 1.2 driver for 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics running Microsoft Windows 7* and 8* operating systems. It also provides developers with the ability to simultaneously utilize the compute resources of both the Intel® CPU and Intel HD Graphics. The new driver and the supporting developer kit promise better performance and improved battery life from the combination of OpenCL general purpose programing coupled with the hardware acceleration capability of Intel HD Graphics on low-power Intel Core platforms.
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Vincit selected to implement the WebCL Validator

The WebCL API is designed with security as a primary requirement. The Validator will enforce compliance of WebCL kernels with the defined WebCL language restrictions, and prevent out-of-bounds memory accesses. The WebCL kernel Validator will enforce out of bounds memory protections and will perform syntactic validation of WebCL kernels. The WebCL working group received five proposals, in response to the WebCL Validator RFQ. Vincit was selected to implement the WebCL Validator. Initial design discussions have started, which will be followed by development. All discussion and development will be done in public on, and the project will be set up as open source.
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LibreOffice 4.3 now supports COLLADA and glTF

LibreOffice 4.3 now supports inserting 3D models in the glTF format into presentations (using libgltf). Currently this feature is only available for Linux and Windows. There is also limited support for 3D models in .dae and .kmz formats using collada2gltf.
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