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AMD releases beta drivers with a complete beta implementation of OpenCL 1.2

Last December AMD released preview drivers that contained much of new the functionality defined in OpenCL 1.2. The new APP SDK includes beta drivers that contain a complete, beta level implementation of the OpenCL 1.2 specification for 32 and 64-bit Windows and Linux.
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OpenCL Programming Webinar Series from AMD

A series of three OpenCL webinars will be presented by Rob Farber on April 10th, April 24th and May 1st 2012. Complete details and registration are available in the AMD Developer Zone.
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GIMP 2.8 RC 1 includes OpenCL acceleration

The OpenCL hardware acceleration features in the Generic Graphics Library (GEGL) were originally developed as part of Google's Summer of Code in 2009 and 2011 and finished over the winter with sponsorship from AMD and help by MulticoreWare. On supported systems, this feature should greatly speed up processor intensive operations. Users have to start the application with the command line parameter GEGL_USE_OPENCL=yes to use OpenCL.
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Adobe and AMD bring OpenCL powered real-time editing and effects to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Adobe announced that they will be using their newly enhanced Adobe Mercury Playback Engine that incorporates OpenCL™ heterogeneous compute for the very first time on a number of Apple® MacBook Pro laptops with AMD Radeon™ graphics.
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AMD and Adobe Creative Suite 6 Innovate With OpenCL and GPU Acceleration

AMD today announced a collaboration with Adobe Systems Incorporated to optimize a new set of GPU-accelerated features for Adobe products including the newly announced Adobe Photoshop CS6. Implementing GPU acceleration and incorporating OpenCL optimization improves the end-user experience by dramatically speeding up critical imaging features and generating real-time results when editing with key tools in Adobe Creative Suite 6.
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AMD gDEBugger v6.2 adds support OpenCL 1.2 beta drivers

AMD gDEBugger offers real-time OpenCL kernel debugging, which allows developers to step into the kernel execution directly from the API calls, debug inside the kernel, view all variable values across different work groups and work items. The new gDEBugger v6.2 adds Linux Support and support for OpenCL 1.2 beta drivers
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Three OpenCL Programming Webinars coming up in May

Three developer centric OpenCL webinars during the month of May (all times are PST):

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OpenCL 1.2 supported in AMD OpenCL APP SDK 2.7 and Catalyst 12.4 drivers

The AMD OpenCL APP SDK v2.7 now supports OpenCL 1.2 and improved C++ support for both host side and kernel side coding.
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AFDS 2012 - MulticoreWare has major presence with twelve sessions on OpenCL and HSA

MulticoreWare has a major presence at AMD Fusion Developer Summit 2012 (AFDS) being held June 11-14 in Bellevue Washington. With twelve presentations and numberous demos at the Experience Zone MulticoreWare is also an AFDS sponsor and Khronos Group member.
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AMD Continues OpenCL Leadership-First Fully-Conformant OpenCL 1.2 Solution

AMD announced continued leadership in driving OpenCL adoption with availability of the AMD APP SDK 2.7, featuring the first conformant implementation of OpenCL 1.2 and comprehensive support for C++.
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