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Shrenik Sadalgi, 3D Commerce Working Group Chair ofThe Khronos Group, discusses how Augmented and Virtual Reality (XR) are changing the face of retail. Together, XR and 3D applications are positioned to completely change the entire experience of shopping by enabling consumers to view and interact with virtual products in real spaces or virtual showrooms.

Furniture Today talks about the Khronos Group 3D Commerce Working Group, the benefits of using AR online, and where 3D Commerce is going. Khronos members Marxent and Wayfair are showing data which shows shoppers are more likely to purchase if they can view the products using Augmented Reality. Marxent data shows that more than half of shoppers on a website that use Marxent 3D content are using augmented reality in their shopping experience. More data from Shopify shows users that view products with augmented reallity are 2.5 times more likely to convert versus users seeing only traditional photos. Learn more about 3D Commerce and the future of online shopping with AR. Learn more about 3D Commerce and discover the over 80 companies supporting the 3D Commerce group.

La-Z-Boy forms partnership with Khronos Member Marxent

Khronos Associate member Marxent and La-Z-Boy have announced a partnership. La-Z-Boy has already launched several major 3D experiences powered by the Marxent® 3D Cloud, including Augmented Reality, 3D product configuration, and 3D room planning. La-Z-Boy is now expanding the Marxent partnership by making Virtual Reality available to its sales associates and professional designers. “The adoption of multiple 3D applications by La-Z-Boy is further evidence that the age of 3D Commerce in retail is upon us,” said Beck Besecker, Marxent CEO and Co-Founder. Marxent is a participant in the Khronos 3D Commerce Working Group, who’s goal is to align the industry for streamlined 3D content creation, management and display in online retail.

TurboSquid discusses 3D Commerce and helping to solve the file format issues

​According to TurboSquid, there are three main challenges to overcome if retailers want to fully embrace 3D in the 3D Commerce arena. 1 - We have lots of assets, but we don’t know where they are; 2 - There are so many file formats and 3 - My marketing team doesn’t think in 3D. “Standardizing file formats is going to become even more important as 3D takes hold in retail. We are currently working with companies like Target, Google, and Adobe as part of the Khronos 3D Commerce Initiative to solve this, so companies can “make it once” and use it again and again,” writes Matt Wisdom is co-founder and CEO of TurboSquid. The 3D Commerce working group is open to any company that wishes to participate. Learn more about the 3D Commerce challenges facing retailers, and how your company can join the Khronos Group.

3D Commerce Q&A from SIGGRAPH 2019

3D Commerce has evolved into a full Khronos Group Working Group. Created to align the industry for streamlined 3D content creation, management and display in online retail. The Exploratory Group included more than 70 industry leading companies—including retailers, technology vendors and manufacturers—working together to build industry consensus on what standardization activities are most urgently required for ubiquitous 3D Commerce. Watch the 3D Commerce Working Group Chair Shrenik Sadalgi and Khronos Group President Neil Trevett answer questions during a Q&A from SIGGRAPH 2019.

STIQ Ltd (StyleIntelligence Ltd) interviewed 60 plus companies in the nascent ‘Immersive Retail’ niche focusing on the use of 3D, AR and VR in retail use cases. The reports intent is to provide readers with an insight into the global B2B market for 3D/AR/VR technology for use by retailers (ecommerce pureplay retailers, physical retailers and multi-channel retailers). Learn how the new 3D Commerce working group from The Khronos Group, glTF and OpenXR fit into the highly fragmented 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Commerce. The report is now available for download.

The Khronos Group announces new 3D Commerce Working Group and key updates to flagship standards WebGL, glTF, and Vulkan. In the spirit of continued commitment to the SIGGRAPH community of interactive graphics professionals, Khronos delivers a number of developments and initiatives, including:

  • 3D Commerce Initiative Becomes Khronos Working Group; Call for Participation Announced
  • WebGL Releases High-Impact Extensions and Ecosystem Developments
  • glTF Universal Texture Extension Drafting Underway Using Binomial’s Basis Universal Texture Technology; First Prototype Support Appears in Engines
  • glTF Tools Ecosystem Expands, Including Universal Texture Tools and glTF Import/Export in Blender 2.80
  • New Vulkan Extensions Ship; Vulkan Sees Increased Usage by CAD and Professional Authoring Tools

Read the Press Release to learn more.

Join Khronos for their Inaugural 3D Commerce BOF at SIGGRAPH!

The Khronos Group is excited to officially kick off their first 3D Commerce Birds of a Feather (BOF), where they will discuss their efforts to align the retail industry’s 3D assets and specifications to optimize workflows and minimize distribution costs in the retail sector. The BOF will provide insight into the goals and directions of the 3D Commerce group so that interested parties can judge if they want to get involved. Join and help Khronos lead a disruptive change in terms of product digitalization and pushing e-commerce to the next level!

Khronos member DGG launches case study on 3D workflow automation in E-Commerce

​DGG has launched a case study on 3D workflow automation in E-Commerce. The DGG workflow centres around glTF. Are a business that is active in E-Commerce, and interested in using real-time 3D graphics technology, such as AR, VR or 3D on the Web, on a massive amount of 3D datasets? Read the full call for participation on the DGG website.

With the growth and adoption in mobile, web, and immersive platforms, 3D is poised to grow as a new shopping medium. Product manufacturers, retailers, marketing, and advertising platforms can use 3D to show virtual products to end-users to help them better understand a product online prior to purchasing and to help build brand loyalty after purchase. The Khronos has a track record of openness and responsiveness, with a well-proven IP Framework and multi-company governance model. The Khronos 3D Commerce Exploratory Working Group could directly leverage the work of several existing Khronos Working Groups, including: glTF, WebGL, Vulkan, and OpenXR. With enough industry support, this Exploratory Group will evolve into a Working Group to work on the development of such standards.

TechBytes with Shrenik Sadalgi, 3D Commerce and glTF

Shrenik Sadalgi, Director of Next Gen Experiences, Wayfair recently spoke with Marketing Technology Insights about the Khronos 3D Exploratory Group. 3D-driven immersive experiences are gaining momentum, and to scale these experiences across platforms and channels, we need standards and guidelines so 3D content be exchanged effectively and experienced consistently across platforms. The most promising effort so far has been by the Khronos Group glTF working group who aim to create the JPEG for 3D. The 3D Commerce Exploratory Group will explore the creation of standards and guidelines for the production and distribution of real-time 3D representations of products across a variety of endpoints. Through the realization of this group we’re making the initiative more inclusive, global, and hoping to accelerate standardization efforts. Shrenik has a lot more to say on the subject, be sure to read his interview online.