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Blender 2.79 Is Bringing Performance Improvements, Better OpenCL

With Blender 2.79, OpenCL support has improved and should be closer to parity with Blender's CUDA capabilities. The OpenCL Cycles renderer has shorter render times by up to 50% in some cases, tiles are now seen updating while rendering, support for SSS and volume rendering, optimized transparent shadows, and various fixes.
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POCL 0.14 OpenCL Implementation Released

The Portable Computing Language (POCL) has issued a new release of their open-source CPU-based OpenCL implementation. This new version of POCL continues relying upon LLVM and with this release adds support for LLVM/Clang 4.0 and 3.9.
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Red Gaming Tech interview with Neil Trevett

Neil Trevett and Paul from Red Gaming Tech discuss the plans with Vulkan, game development, virtual reality technology, mobile gaming, optimization and game development, hardware and a whole lot more.
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5th Scandinavian Conference on System and Software Safety

Illya Rudkin from Khronos Member Codeplay will be speaking at the 5th Scandinavian Conference on System and Software Safety on Standardizing Technologies for Safety Critical Systems. Learn more about this talk on the Khronos events page.
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Cadence announce the Tensilica Vision P5 and P6 are OpenVX 1.1 Conformant

During the recent Linley Group Conference, Cadence announced that their Tensilica Vision P5 and Tensilica Vision P6 are now in conformance with OpenVX 1.1. Learn more about the Tensilica Vision DSPs in a recent post from Cadence, "See Further by Standing on the Shoulders of...OpenVX" and on the Cadence Tensilica product page. To learn more about the Khronos OpenVX, or become an OpenVX Adopter. A complete list of OpenVX Adopters is available online.
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NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC2017) to offer great sessions on Khronos Technology

The GPU Technology Conference (GTC2017) will be running from May 8-11 this year in San Jose Convention Center. This year will see many sessions related to Khronos Technology including OpenCL, OpenGL, OpenVX, Vulkan and WebGL. Check a list of Khronos technology only sessions on the Khronos site, or visit the NVIDIA GTC site to see all sessions.
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id Software working on Vulkan support for Quake Champions

Matt Charles, senior producer at id Software talked about development plans for Quake Champions. In conversation with the producer, he said that his studio was working on a Vulkan rendering path for Quake Champions. Read the complete story on Hexus.
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Khronos Group welcomes PlutoVR as newest Associate Member


The Khronos Group is proud to announce that PlutoVR has joined as an Associate Member. Phone calls, texts, and video chat don’t come close to what it’s like to interact face to face. PlutoVR sees VR and AR as the opportunity to close that gap. With Pluto, you’ll be able to communicate, collaborate, and connect with anyone anywhere, as if you were together in person. PlutoVR is currently hiring.
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Getting more out of Qt Quick with OpenVG

In Qt 5.9 is now possible to render Qt Quick applications with OpenVG when using hardware that supports it. This is made possible by a new scene graph adaptation that uses EGL and OpenVG to render Qt Quick scenes.
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Khronos opens blog to third party developers

Khronos wants to hear from you; what you see as important in the industry, developments, trends, tips, and new practices from your perspective. Learn more about what's involved and how to contact us to submit your blogs.
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