Media Coverage

DateMedia NameShort Description of article
12/10/09 Develop website Khronos Group explains how WebGL could mean the browser gaming boom
11/24/09 cnet news website Firefox hopes to one-up IE with fast graphics
11/11/09 Inquisitr Khronos Group Announces New Accelerated Windowing API for Mobile & Embedded Devices
11/10/09 Pro-Linux Germany Khronos Group veröffentlicht Standard OpenWF
11/10/09 Electronique International La spécification OpenWF 1.0 vient compléter les jeux d’API déjà proposés par le Khronos Group.
11/10/09 EDA Blog OpenWF Standard for Building Composited Windowing Systems
11/10/09 Satnews Daily The Khronos Group Opening Up Windowing Systems
11/10/09 Dr. Dobbs OpenWF Standard Proposed
11/10/09 website MacTech - Khronos Group releases Open WF 1.0 standard
11/10/09 Website Khronos Launches Mobile Windowing System API
11/10/09 Website Khronos Group、モバイル向けウィンドウシステム「O
11/10/09 Website OpenWF - neue APIs für Fenstersysteme auf Mobilgeräten
10/08/09 Impress Watch President of Khronso Group described OpenCL - a pararel computing API available on any platforms inc
10/08/09 Nikkei Electronics "TechOn" Khronos introduced OpenCL for Japanese market - Conformance test available in February 2009
10/08/09 Bloggers website OpenMAX AL 1.0: Smells a bit like QuickTime