Media Coverage

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08/01/17 Computer Graphics World OpenGL Celebrates 25th Anniversary With 4.6 Release
08/01/17 WCCF Tech OpenGL 4.6 Released with SPIR-V Support & Anisotropic Filtering
08/01/17 Architosh SIG: The Khronos Group Releases Major Update to Graphics API—OpenGL 4.6 with SPIR-V Support
07/31/17 Developpez La spécification d’OpenGL 4.6 est maintenant disponible
07/31/17 Geeks3D OpenGL 4.6 Specifications Released, SPIR-V Shaders Supported
07/31/17 Gaming on Linux OpenGL 4.6 officially released, new beta NVIDIA driver with support for it
07/31/17 Phoronix OpenGL 4.6 Released With Vulkan/SPIR-V Ingestion, Parallel Shader Compiles & Finally AF
07/10/17 Economist A reality check for virtual headsets
07/03/17 VRGuy Podcast VRguy podcast Episode 23: Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group - The VRguy’s podcast
06/07/17 Tenlinks Khronos Releases glTF v2.0 Specification for 3D Assets
06/07/17 GFX Speak Khronos adds Physically Based Rendering to open graphics standard glTF
06/05/17 PC Perspective The Khronos Group Finalizes glTF 2.0
06/05/17 Phoronix Khronos Publishes Finalized glTF 2.0 Specification For Portable 3D Assets
05/19/17 Heise (DE) Khronos veröffentlicht vorläufige Spezifikation für OpenCL 2.2
05/19/17 Macitynet (IT) La fusione annunciata tra OpenCL e Vulkan potrebbe interessare anche Apple