Media Coverage

DateMedia NameShort Description of article
03/08/18 TechGage Khronos Group Announces Vulkan 1.1, Brings Numerous Enhancements Including Multi-GPU Support
03/08/18 TenLinks Khronos Group Releases Vulkan v1.1
03/07/18 RedGaming Tech (YouTube) Khronos Group Vulkan 1.1 Interview - Subgroups & New Featured | Xbox One & Apple Porting & Much More
03/07/18 HardwareLuxx (DE) Khronos Group veröffentlicht Spezifikationen für Vulkan 1.1
03/07/18 Overclocked3D The Vulkan API has received a huge upgrade with version 1.1
03/07/18 Pro-Linux (DE) Zwei Jahre nach der Vorstellung der offenen 3D-Grafik-Schnittstelle Vulkan 1.0 steht jetzt die Spezifikation in Version 1.1 bereit. Gleichzeitig wurde die Implementation von Vulkan 1.1 in mehreren Gra
03/07/18 Dark Side of Gaming Vulkan 1.1 is now available to all developers, sporting developer-requested features
03/07/18 Arstechnica Vulkan 1.1 out today, with multi-GPU support, better DirectX compatibility
03/07/18 Android Authority Vulkan graphics API receives major 1.1 update
03/07/18 PR Newswire Khronos Group Releases Vulkan 1.1
03/07/18 PC Perspective The Khronos Group Releases Vulkan 1.1 and SPIR-V 1.3
03/07/18 AnandTech Vulkan 1.1 Specification Released: Open-source Tools, SDKs, and Launch Driver Support
03/07/18 Phoronix Vulkan 1.1 Released As The First Major Update To This Graphics/Compute API
03/01/18 Geektopia (ES) Vulkan llega a macOS e iOS, junto con un compilador cruzado a DX12 y Metal
02/28/18 App2Top (RU) API Vulkan получил поддержку iOS и MacOS