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Media Coverage
DateMedia NameShort Description of article
08/31/06 NikkeiBP TechOn Khronos roadmap for graphics standardization
08/31/06 Slash Games DirectX-like set of standard APIs for mobile phones
07/18/06 TG Daily Analysis: Khronos and OpenGL ARB merg
11/11/05 D-Times Korea WIPI is the standard specifications for the mobile platform made by the Mobile Platform Special Subcommittee of the Korea Wireless Internet Standardiz
11/05/05 E-Times Korea Khronos OpenGL ES 2.0 programmable graphics language is of interest to WIPI (Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability)
10/01/05 Computer Graphics World Overview of the reasons behind and the plans for COLLADA
08/01/05 EE Times Mobile standards, APIs on table at graphics show
08/01/05 GameSpot Sony Computer Entertainment announces that its XML-based file format has been approved as an open standard for the digital entertainment industry
08/01/05 Tom's Hardware OpenGL ES 2.0 advances 3D graphics acceleration for cellphones, handhelds, PS3
08/01/05 ATI web site OpenGL ES 2.0 Introduces New Era of Programmable Shaders Empowering Developers to Leverage Power of ATI’s Imageon 3D Handheld Technology
06/29/05 Realtime ICT News Portal Korean IT Portal interview with Neil Trevett on OpenGL ES and OpenVG
04/12/05 Korea IT News #1 Daily IT Newspaper interview with Neil Trevett in Seoul
04/11/05 Korea IT News Khronos Developer University Coverage in Seoul
03/14/05 Richter Scale Sony Playstation 3 to support OpenGL ES, NVIDIA Cg, and Collada
03/07/05 PlayStation 3 to use OpenGL 2.0