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Media Coverage

DateMedia NameShort Description of article
03/08/07 MacWorld GDC: iPhone will change industry focus, says AMD
03/08/07 ars technica AMD brings Xbox 360 tech to handhelds
03/08/07 the Inquirer Finally something new in GPUs arrives
03/04/07 Electronics Weekly 3D graphics in mobile phones makes sense
02/18/07 Mobile Metalism 3GSM 2007: Nvidia Smartphone video
02/16/07 engadget NVIDIA’s GoForce 5500 mobile platform demoed in action
02/15/07 BetaNews NVidia Demonstrates Platform-Agnostic 3D UI for Cell Phones
01/26/07 SymbianOne Xen Games: Taking the OpenGL ES High Road
12/14/06 BetaNews Khronos Group to Incorporate OpenGL ES into New Draft Spec
12/08/06 SymbianOne Imagination Technologies: Accelerating Sony Ericsson Graphics with OpenGL ES
11/15/06 WebWire ARM Releases Free OpenMAX DL Sample Software Library
11/03/06 electronic design Navigation Controller Practically Drives Itself
09/26/06 Gamasutra gDEBugger OpenGL Toolkit Free to Academics
09/07/06 COLLADA: The game developers’ open source data exchange format
08/31/06 NikkeiBP TechOn Khronos roadmap for graphics standardization