Media Coverage

DateMedia NameShort Description of article
08/31/17 Robotics Tomorrow Khronos Announces New Membership Tiers to Enable Wider Industry Participation in the Creation of Open Standards
08/31/17 Le Khronos Group s’ouvre à de nouvelles entités
08/02/17 Bit Tech Khronos Group launches OpenGL 4.6
08/02/17 Adrenaline (BR) Khronos anuncia especificações de OpenGL 4.6 com suporte a shaders SPIR-V
08/02/17 Vision Systems Design Khronos Group releases OpenGL 4.6 graphics API
08/02/17 PC Perspective The Khronos Group Releases OpenGL 4.6
08/02/17 Pro-Linux (DE) Khronos Group veröffentlicht OpenGL 4.6
08/02/17 TenLinks Khronos Releases OpenGL 4.6 with SPIR-V Support
08/01/17 Architosh SIG: SIGGRAPH 2017 Shaping Up to be Big Show—Preview Talk
08/01/17 Post Magazine OpenGL celebrates 25th anniversary with 4.6 release
08/01/17 Computer Graphics World OpenGL Celebrates 25th Anniversary With 4.6 Release
08/01/17 WCCF Tech OpenGL 4.6 Released with SPIR-V Support & Anisotropic Filtering
08/01/17 Architosh SIG: The Khronos Group Releases Major Update to Graphics API—OpenGL 4.6 with SPIR-V Support
07/31/17 Developpez La spécification d’OpenGL 4.6 est maintenant disponible
07/31/17 Geeks3D OpenGL 4.6 Specifications Released, SPIR-V Shaders Supported