Media Coverage

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08/23/18 GFX Speak Khronos launches conformance test suite for SYCL 1.2.1
08/17/18 3DVF (FR) SIGGRAPH 2018 : les conférences Vulkan, OpenXR, WebGL, glTF du Khronos Group
08/17/18 Financial Post SIGGRAPH 2018 Celebrates Generations in Vancouver
08/15/18 VR/focus Khronos Begins First Public Demonstrations Of OpenXR At SIGGRAPH 2018
08/14/18 Geektopia (ES) Khronos Group realiza la primera demo de OpenXR, estándar abierto de RV
08/14/18 GeoSpatial Khronos releases NNEF 1.0 standard for optimized deployment of trained neural networks
08/14/18 TenLinks Khronos Opens Education Forum, Releases NNEF v1.0
08/14/18 AnandTech Khronos Group Releases Neural Network Exchange Format 1.0, Showcases First Public OpenXR Demo
08/13/18 CGW Khronos Group Announces New Specifications, Standards Updates & Initiatives
08/13/18 SD Times The Khronos Group launches new standard for deploying trained neural networks
08/13/18 Robotics Tomorrow Khronos Group Announces New Specifications, Standards Updates, Initiatives and Demonstrations at SIGGRAPH
08/13/18 Overclockers Club Khronos Reveals OpenXR Interoperability Standard for VR and AR and More
08/13/18 UploadVR First Ever OpenXR Demo Heading To Siggraph 2018 This Week
08/13/18 ProHardver (Hungarian) Inkább csak beszélt az újításokról a Khronos Group az idei SIGGRAPH-on
08/13/18 PC Perspective The Khronos Group at SIGGRAPH 2018