Media Coverage

DateMedia NameShort Description of article
09/04/19 Architosh Khronos Group Releases new NNEF Converters, Extensions and Model Zoo
09/04/19 Robotics Tomorrow Khronos Releases New NNEF Convertors, Extensions, and Model Zoo
08/29/19 Embedded Design Khronos Releases New NNEF Convertors, Extensions, and Model Zoo
08/06/19 Games Industry (JP) SIGGRAPH]Khronosグループ,Amazonなどのネット通販向けの3Dグラフィックス制作パイプラインの規格策定に着手
08/05/19 JaxEnter OpenXR 1.0 public release: Cross-platform virtual & augmented reality
08/05/19 GeekyGadgets OpenXR will allow Vive, Oculus and Hololens headsets to share apps
08/05/19 Architosh SIG: Khronos Group Announces Working Group for 3D Ecosystem for Commerce
07/31/19 WCCF Tech Khronos Group Releases OpenXR Specification for Augmented & Virtual Reality Developers
07/31/19 InfoQ OpenXR Spec Hits 1.0, Guarantees Backward-Compatibility LIKE DISCUSS PRINT BOOKMARKS
07/30/19 MoguraVR (JP) VR/ARの標準仕様「OpenXR」正式公開 Oculus等が対応へ
07/30/19 Gaming On Linux Khronos releases the OpenXR 1.0 specification aimed at unifying VR and AR
07/30/19 MS Power User OpenXR 1.0 specification released, Microsoft will soon demonstrate OpenXR-based apps
07/30/19 Windows Central Khronos Group releases OpenXR 1.0 specification
07/30/19 Microcontroller Tips Khronos releases OpenXR 1.0 specification for access to VR/AR platforms and devices
07/30/19 Overclockers Club OpenXR 1.0 Specification Released by Khronos Group