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Khronos Group Mobile Multimedia News Conference

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The Khronos Group is pleased to announce the next generation of mobile audio and multimedia API technologies. Several of the world's leading technology companies will be announcing their support of these new Khronos standards as well.

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Press Releases:


  • Khronos Logo and the Khronos Group API and Technology Logos.

Support Documents:

  • 5 presentations from the official Press Event:
    • OpenMAX AL 1.1 An Open Standard API for Mobile Multimedia Applications - Dr. Yeshwant Muthusamy OpenMAX AL Chair
    • OpenSL ES 1.1 Advanced Audio for Tomorrow's Mobile Devices - Erik Noreke : OpenSL ES Chair
    • New Open Audio and Media Standards - Neil Trevett : Khronos Group President
    • OpenSL ES 1.1 Facilitating SRS Labs' - Bob Lyle : SRS Labs, Inc.
    • The Need for and Advantage of Using Standardized Multimedia APIs - Jon Peddie : Jon Peddie Research
  • Khronos Group Background
  • Khronos Group API Ecosystem
  • Mobile Device Case Study


Community Feeback

The Official OpenMAX AL DTV Feedback thread is available here.

Presentations from the event