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Khronos Group KITE Launch 2012

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The Khronos™ Group, an industry consortium creating open standards for the acceleration of graphics, parallel computing, dynamic media and sensor processing, today announced the launch of the KITE™ (Khronos Institute for Training and Education) Program. KITE is a community-based, cooperative effort between the Khronos Group organization, its individual members, and the worldwide educational community; to encourage the wide availability of courses and a consistently high-level of quality in education regarding Khronos open standard APIs, such as OpenGL™ ES. The KITE web-site is now available for educators and students to enroll and share courseware:

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  • 3 Khronos Group flyers:
    • Khronos KITE
    • Khronos Membership
    • Khronos Technology
  • 10 Khronos API and Technology Quick Reference Cards
  • Khronos Group Background
  • Khronos Group API Ecosystem
  • KITE Overview

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