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Khronos Group at SIGGRAPH 2011

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In its 10th year of operation the Khronos Group widened its call for participation in its two newest working groups: StreamInput™ and WebCL™. The Khronos Group also announced the immediate release of the OpenGL® 4.2 specification, bringing the very latest graphics functionality to the most advanced and widely adopted cross-platform 2D and 3D graphics API (application programming interface).

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  • Khronos SIGGRAPH Press Slides
  • 4 flyers from SIGGRAPH 2011:
    • Khronos KITE
    • Khronos Membership
    • Khronos SIGGRAPH Show
    • Khronos Technology
  • 10 Khronos API and Technology Quick Reference Cards
  • Khronos Group Background
  • Khronos Group API Ecosystem
  • COLLADA CTS Tutorial


Community Feeback

The Official OpenGL 4.2 Feedback thread is available here.

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