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Major ARM News, Major FM new benchmark news - Khronos Group Grows to Over 95 Members: Creative, Tat,

Developers and press are invited to meet members at a free all-day 
Khronos Media API technology forum on October 26, 2005 in Austin as part of the Austin Game Conference

October 23, 2005 – Clearlake Park, California: The Khronos™ Group is pleased to announce that Reigncom Ltd and TAT have become Khronos Contributing Members to participate in the ongoing development and promotion of open, royalty-free, embedded media acceleration API standards to enable dynamic media hardware and software markets on a wide variety of platforms. 

Collada 1.4 and Futuremark 3DMarkMobile06 Developer’s Edition product News???

Press and Developers Invited to Attend Khronos Activities at Austin Game Conference.

DevU Event October 26th, 2005: Khronos member media experts will deliver in-depth technology lectures on Khronos APIs on Wednesday October 26, 2005 from 9:00 am to 5:00 PM, in rooms #2 and #3 of the Austin Convention Center at 500 East Cesar Chavez Street in Austin.  The Khronos DevU sessions are completely free, and do not require a conference badge.  Please do register ahead of time at  Full descriptions of session content are available at:  Speakers will include: Dr. Jon Peddie of TechWatch; and representatives from Khronos Member companies ATI, Bitboys, Falanx Microsystems, Freescale Semiconductor, Futuremark, Hybrid Graphics, Imagination Technologies, Nokia, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Sony, Texas Instruments and more.  (Khronos member Futuremark will feature an in-depth session on Graphics Engine programming with OpenGL ES.  This presentation will give an overview how to create a graphics engine together with a content path suitable for games and game like applications using the OpenGL ES API. This presentation discusses Futuremark’s mobile OpenGL ES engine, giving details about specific problems and solutions.)

Khronos Group Press Conference October 27th, 2005: Come to hear about the latest developments in media acceleration and mobile graphics APIs, including more about the new Khronos COLLADA working group.  In addition, this conference will feature information on new Futuremark benchmark programs, and up to the minute news on OpenGL ES 2.0, 1.2, and more.  Join us at the Convention Press Room 6B
upstairs at the Austin Convention Center, Thursday October 27 from 1:00-1:30pm.  For a map of the location:

Need New Quote from Neil “We warmly welcome our most recent members from a diverse cross-section of the embedded media food-chain; strengthening Khronos’ ability to create embedded media APIs that have the full support of the industry and genuinely represent the needs of a broad range of markets,” said Neil Trevett, president of the Khronos Group and vice president of embedded content at NVIDIA.  “Khronos will continue to evolve and adapt to ensure that our growing membership translates into increased momentum; enabling us to continue to provide timely media acceleration APIs for the fast-moving embedded industry.”

Need Quote from Futuremark - Tero

Need Quote from Creative “Creative is now a Promoter, to further widen and support the company’s long standing commitment to the group.”  Hock Leow (Creative CTO, 3Dlabs President) will be able to provide the quote per Nathan Charles.

ReignCom Ltd developer of innovative digital convergence products, came up with the world’s first Multi-CODEC CD Player in December 2000. Their business lines include portable digital content players and automotive information and entertainment systems. ReignCom is known as a global leader in the MP3 player market with the iriver brand.

TAT provides software and graphics technologies and services to help portable device manufacturers to differentiate and enhance the graphical user interface. TAT’s Kastor technology for user interfaces offers real-time layer compositing and animation. The elements of the user interface are treated as layers that are composed together to produce the final image. Windows, images, video sources and other user interface components, may be composed in real-time with effects such as transparency, drop-shadow and with advanced animation techniques. The composition layers support per-pixel transparency, opacity and transformations.

BenQ Corporation is an industry leader in wireless communication devices serving markets in more than 70 countries around the world. BenQ Corporation acquired Siemens’ mobile phone business unit and set the foundation to become one of the world’s leading players in the mobile phone industry. BenQ Product lines include MP3 players, 3G mobile phones, digital displays and peripherals.

Creative Technology Ltd is a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for PC users. Famous for its Sound Blaster sound cards, Creative is now driving digital entertainment on the PC platform with products like the Zen and MuVo MP3 players. Creative’s innovative hardware, proprietary technology, applications and services leverage the Internet, enabling consumers to experience high-quality digital entertainment—anytime, anywhere. 3Dlabs, a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd., is a leading innovator in professional visual processing and supplies a broad range of graphics accelerators to Computer Aided Design, Digital Content Creation, and visual simulation professionals. Its Wildcat graphics solutions are available in OEM workstations, through an international distributor/reseller network, and directly to end-users at 3Dlabs’ online store. or

About Khronos
The Khronos Group is a member-funded industry consortium focused on the creation of open standard APIs such as COLLADA, OpenGL ES, OpenMAX™, OpenVG™, OpenSL™ ES and OpenML™ to enable the authoring and acceleration of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and devices.  All Khronos members are able to contribute to the development of Khronos API specifications, are empowered to vote at various stages before public deployment, and are able to accelerate the delivery of their cutting-edge media platforms and applications through early access to specification drafts and conformance tests.  Please go to for more information.


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