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Khronos Group Moves to Next Stages in Definition of Complementary OpenML and OpenGL ES Specification

Khronos Welcomes Falanx; MEI/Panasonic, Neomagic, Sanshin and Swell Software as Newest Members; Hardware & Software Vendors Invited to Contribute to Next-Generation OpenML 1.1

The Khronos Group is pleased to announce that Falanx; MEI/Panasonic, Neomagic, Sanshin and Swell Software have joined as Contributing Members.  Khronos Members recognize that in order to deliver cutting-edge 3D applications; the authoring and deployment of the rich media that represents both sides of the graphics API equation needs to be developed synergistically.  Working together; each Member participates in either one or both Khronos Work Groups in the development of OpenGL® ES and OpenML™; royalty-free, open standard APIs that enable authoring and playback of dynamic media on a huge range of platforms and devices. 

The Group invites all companies to quickly get involved, as the vision of widely deployed, rich 3D media will become a reality later this year with the public release of the OpenGL ES 1.0 Specification.  This will create new classes of content-hungry platforms, each with many millions of potential new users.  The OpenML 1.0 SDK, scheduled for release later this year, will enable developers to capitalize on this huge, emerging market opportunity and easily integrate video, audio and graphics capabilities into their application suites, making these applications portable over multiple operating systems, CPU architectures and add-in hardware devices.  The OpenML 1.0 specification was completed in 2001 and can be used, royalty free, by any adopting company that desires to integrate OpenML functionality into hardware or software products.  The next-generation OpenML 1.1 specification will incorporate new features and services to further enhance dynamic media authoring.  More information about OpenML and the 1.0 spec is at

“The OpenML API enables different hardware manufacturers to provide standardized interfaces that allow software companies like Discreet to support a much wider range of peripherals,” said Jean-Luc Dery, product development manager at Discreet.  “Currently, a lot of resources are spent building custom interfaces to each hardware device. With OpenML, Discreet will be able to focus more on improving and defining new creative tools and be assured compatibility with any OpenML-compliant hardware device.”

Hardware and Software Vendors Invited to Contribute to Next-Generation OpenML 1.1
 On Monday at NAB, Khronos Group Members will host a “Open House and State of the API” Session, offering a short presentation and Q&A on the OpenML API and its SDK development, and options for getting involved as a Member in time to contribute to OpenML 1.1.  Additionally, Audio Developers interested in laying the groundwork for an Audio-subgroup of the OpenML Work Group are invited to attend a more focused “Audio Special Interests” session earlier in the day.

Monday April 7, 2003 - Las Vegas Convention Center Room # N217

- 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Audio Special Interests
- 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Open House and State of the API

Although both sessions are open for drop-in, please RSVP to [email protected]  Additionally, you may stop by Khronos NAB Booth # SL2248 for a brief presentation on how your company may get involved.

Overview of New Members: 
♣ Falanx Microsystems develops and markets 3D graphics accelerator IP cores for integration in small low power devices. See
♣ Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., best known for its Panasonic brand, is a worldwide leader in the develop-ment and manufacture of a vast range of electronics products.  See
♣ Neomagic Corporation provides Applications Processors to enable new generations of handheld systems, offering low power, small form-factor, and the best multimedia features and performance.  See
♣ Sanshin Electronics develops and markets a high performance 2D/3D graphics engine intended for use in mobile devices.  See and
♣ Swell Software provides software development tools that reduce development time, including embedded GUI development tools working with RTOS, C/C++ compiler suites and reference platforms.

Khronos Promoting Members:  3Dlabs, ARM, ATI, Discreet, DVS, Ericsson Mobile Platforms, Imagination Technologies, Motorola, Nokia, RealVision & SGI.

Khronos Contributing Members:  3d4W, Bitboys Oy, Fathammer, Fuetrek, HI Corporation, Hybrid Graphics, MediaQ, Mitsubishi Electric,  Seaweed Systems, Superscape, Symbian, Texas Instruments, Tungsten Graphics, Vicarious Visions & Yumetech.

How to Get Involved in the Khronos Group:  The Group has a huge amount of momentum both in the development work of the OpenGL ES and OpenML Work Groups, and also in the planned activities to evangelize both of the APIs.  Below is information to help get your company involved, or please visit

Membership FAQ
Diagram of How Khronos Works
Khronos Membership Benefits


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