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Khronos Group Enhances
OpenML Software Development Kit

OpenML demonstrates how developers are enabled with device-independent control of media hardware - Discreet, DVS, SGI demos?

December 9, 2003 - Los Angeles - The Khronos Group today announced the (((need news updated – JLD))) alpha release of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenML® 1.0, a cross-platform programming environment for capturing, processing, synchronizing and playing digital media content.  The SDK alpha release, for both the Windows and Linux platforms, delivers the media library (“ML”) component of the specification, providing a low level API for configuring and controlling video/audio device input, output and processing features.  The OpenML 1.0 SDK alpha release, available for free download at complements the OpenML SDK already available from SGI for the IRIX® platform.  Khronos is working towards producing a fully integrated OpenML SDK for Windows, Linux and IRIX; anticipated for spring 2004.

illustrates how OpenML liberates applications from programming proprietary media hardware interfaces - encouraging the availability of advanced authoring application across multiple platforms and working towards making buying and using video cards as easy as buying OpenGL®-compliant graphics cards.

The Khronos group encourages all hardware and software developers to use and build products using the royalty free OpenML 1.0 specification and the new SDK.  At CES Las Vegas in January 2004, Khronos expects to release an OpenML 1.0 Adopter Program that will enable interested companies to join Khronos for a small one time fee and gain access to source code for OpenML Conformance Tests, and to use the OpenML trademark on products that pass the defined testing procedure.

Quotes from OpenML Working Group Members (((NEED NEW QUOTES)))
“3Dlabs helped found Khronos to create the OpenML specification and transform the market for rich media content authoring products and we are delighted to see the availability of an SDK to enable the commercial implementation of this important technology,” said Neil Trevett, senior vice president of market development at 3Dlabs and secretary of the Khronos Group.  “We are also thrilled that the first demonstrable implementation of OpenML on Windows is running on a 3Dlabs P10 VPU on an advanced video-editing board from our partner RealVision.”

“Discreet believes this first version of OpenML 1.0 SDK is an exciting step forward that will build momentum behind the standard and benefit all manufacturers of graphics and video applications” explains Jean-Luc Dery, product development manager at Discreet and chair of the OpenML workgroup. “Whether working on a video or film production, developing a game, or simply streaming multimedia content, content creators and their end users will benefit alike from the SDK which provides a more coherent way to orchestrate multiple media applications and hardware peripherals.”

“As the first new Promoter to join Khronos at its origination, DVS has always believed the future of the rich media industry requires synchronistic open solutions instead of a collection of individual concepts; and so continues to promote the development of OpenML,” says Marcus Golücke, Product Manger at DVS GmbH.  “At our SIGGRAPH Booth #3315 we are proud to introduce our new HD-real-time editing workstation system ‘CLIPSTER’ that supports all OpenML-compatible software and is able to offer its users all the possibilities they need to design their work.”

“With the OpenML SDK Khronos is bringing to the industry the ability to easily create cross platform media content based on open standards,” states Morris Moore, Vice President and Director, Systems and Architecture, Wireless and Mobile Systems Group, Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector (NYSE:MOT).  “This reinforces Motorola’s vision of allowing portability of applications from handheld mobile, home, work and automotive products.”

“RealVision (TSE: 6786.T) is pleased to have been a part of the Khronos Group from its inception, and is pleased to have its VREngine SD10 and HD10 advanced video and graphics processing boards available for demonstration here at SIGGRAPH,” stated Mike Hasegawa, executive vice president for RealVision USA.  “With the widespread deployment of the OpenML SDK we can now realize the promise of open system architectures for integrated graphics and video applications; with applications now being developed in a way that utilizes state-of-the-art hardware, enabling the highest performance and shortest development time.”

“SGI (NYSE: SGI) is excited by the idea of having a digital media API that contributes to the growth of the entire industry in much the same way OpenGL helped grow the graphics market over 10 years ago,” says Shawn Underwood, director of marketing, Visual Systems Group, SGI. “The release of the OpenML SDK an early step in ensuring that kind of broad adoption and we look forward to continued participation with the Khronos Group on this endeavor.”

Khronos Group invites you to visit their website and see the latest presentation ton the state of OpenML – and a road map of our plans.  JLD update and give to Tony to upload

The Khronos Group is a member-funded industry consortium founded in January 2000 by leading graphics and digital media companies.  Khronos membership is available to any interested company and both Promoting and Contributing members are able to contribute to the development of Khronos API specifications, are empowered to vote at various stages before public deployment, and are able to accelerate the delivery of their cutting-edge 3D platforms and applications through early access to specification drafts.  Go to for more information.


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