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Khronos Group Development of OpenGL ES Gains Momentum as New Members Declare Support for OpenGL ES C

Fathammer, Hybrid Graphics, MediaQ and Tungsten Graphics 
Join as Khronos Members to Participate in the Further Development of 
Open Standard APIs for Mobile Graphics Applications

February 17, 2003 – 3GSM CONGRESS & EXHIBITION, Cannes France – The Khronos Group is pleased to announce that Fathammer, Hybrid Graphics, MediaQ and Tungsten Graphics have joined the Khronos Group as Contributing Members.  These companies join current Khronos Promoting Members 3Dlabs, ARM, ATI, Discreet, DVS, Imagination Technologies, Motorola, Nokia, RealVision and SGI; and current Contributing Members 3d4W, Bitboys Oy, HI, Seaweed Systems, Superscape, Symbian, Texas Instruments, Vicarious Visions and Yumetech.  All of these companies recognize that with increasingly capable mobile devices, rich 3D applications promise significant revenue opportunities for the industry.  They understand the urgent need for a cross-platform graphics API with advanced 2D and scalable 3D capabilities, and have joined the Khronos Group to participate in the development and deployment of OpenGL® ES and OpenML™; royalty-free, open standard APIs that enable authoring and playback of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and devices.

Khronos Members ARM, Fathammer, HI, Motorola, Nokia, Superscape, Symbian and Texas Instruments will demonstrate their expertise in wireless computing and mobile devices by showing demos on their booths and hosting numerous educational sessions at 3GSM CONGRESS & EXHIBITION, Cannes France from February 17-21, 2003.  A list of these booth locations and session times may be found at

New Member Quotes
“Fathammer is pleased to announce that we will provide OpenGL ES support for our X-Forge™ 3D Game Engine during 2003,” said Fredrik Kekalainen, Chief Technology Officer at Fathammer.  We will be promoting OpenGL ES as a key feature to game publishers, developers and mobile device manufacturers who want to develop and bring 3D games with rich content to mobile platforms in a cost-effective way across all major mobile platforms.”
“Hybrid Graphics has been developing and licensing software rasterizers for 9 years. We see the OpenGL ES API as a crucial part of our Gerbera graphics renderer for mobile platforms,” said Harri Holopainen, CTO of Hybrid Graphics. “The Khronos Group is doing an excellent job bringing 3D graphics experts together and Hybrid is fully committed to providing the best standard implementations to the market. For this we need solid standards.”

“Media Q is pleased to announce that we will support OpenGL ES for our mobile graphics products,” said Manish Singh Vice-President, Marketing.  “The combination of content and hardware compliance with OpenGL ES will ensure that OEMs and service providers are enabled to deliver the best content and consumer-experience. The benefits are to be leveraged across the mobile content value chain.”

“Tungsten Graphics Inc. (TG) has several major clients developing embedded 3D graphics systems that require tailor-made subsets of Mesa, an open source implementation of the OpenGL API,” says Frank LaMonica, CEO and President of Tungsten Graphics Inc.  “Our membership in the Khronos Group, and our close involvement with the OpenGL ES initiative provides the strong standards base our clients demand.”

How to Get Involved
The current members extend an invitation to any company to join Khronos and participate in the development of these implementations.  Please visit our Summary of Membership Rights and Benefits , view our diagram of How the Khronos Group Works—or visit us at

About the Khronos Group
The Khronos Group was founded in January 2000 by a number of leading graphics and digital media companies including 3Dlabs, ATI, Discreet, Evans & Sutherland, Intel, SGI and Sun Microsystems to promote the creation and deployment of rich media through the creation of open standard APIs to enable the authoring and playback of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms & devices.  Go to for more information.


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