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Khronos Group Continues to Gain Momentum in 
Development and Deployment of OpenML

Newest “Promoter” DVS joins original group founders; Membership
agreements also available at “Contributor” and “Adopter” levels to enable any company to contribute to the advancement of the next generation of embedded and dynamic media APIs

June 10, 2002—The Khronos Group is pleased to announce today that upon the formalization of the Group’s Bylaws and Participation Agreements; DVS, a German-based manufacturer of digital video products for R&D, film and television, has applied for and been accepted as a Promoting Member of the Khronos Group.  DVS joins original Group Founders 3Dlabs, ATI, Discreet and SGI to participate in the development and deployment of royalty-free, open standard APIs, including OpenML™, that will enable authoring and playback of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and devices.  Please visit the completely updated Khronos Group website at

“OpenML is a well-defined and freely licensable API which enables a hardware manufacturer such as DVS to support a variety of operating systems and provide standardized interfaces that will allow software companies to speed up their development process,” said Marcus Goluecke, product manager at DVS.  “With OpenML, DVS will be able to focus more on improving and defining new creative tools whilst benefiting from better integration between our hardware components and their applications. DVS is proud to help by adding our expertise as the Khronos Group further defines the OpenML API to fulfill the needs of the industry.”

In order to enable any company to join the group, the Khronos Group has been structured to also accept memberships at the “Contributor” level.  This category of membership will allow a company to participate in the development of the next version of the specification, the creation of reference implementations and the definition of conformance tests to ensure a high level of consistency between OpenML- and OpenGL®- compliant devices.  Any company or individual interested in becoming a member in the Khronos Group is encouraged to visit for an application and details on dues and benefits.

The OpenML 1.0 specification may be licensed, royalty free, by any company that wishes to become an “Adopter” in order to integrate OpenML functionality into their hardware or software products, through completing the OpenML 1.0 adoption agreement found on the Khronos website at

Two Separate Specification Development Tracks Will Deliver Integrated Solutions
With rapid changes in media technology and market demands, common specifications are essential to create interoperability between platforms, hardware devices and software applications.  Answering the call for these integrated specifications, the Khronos Group has developed two development tracks as described below:

OpenML is a software environment that is complementary to the peer OpenGL API and enables digital content authoring application developers to easily integrate video, audio and graphics capabilities into their application suites, and also makes these applications portable over multiple operating systems, CPU architectures and add-in hardware devices.  The OpenML1.0 specification was ratified and made publicly available in 2001 and has provided a significant step forward in the standardization of media manipulation in the content creation industry.  Commercial implementations of OpenML 1.0 are being developed on IRIX®, Linux®, and Microsoft Windows® platforms and the Solaris™ Operating Environment, with shipments starting later this year.

Embedded Graphics APIs  will be created by using standardized subsets of OpenGL that will allow the creation of small-footprint 2D and 3D APIs to bring dynamic media capabilities to a wide variety of appliances and embedded devices.  The Khronos Group will focus on producing API profiles to meet the requirements of a range of market segments such as the wireless industry, safety-critical automotive and avionics displays, handheld and line-powered appliances and rich-media devices such as advanced digital TVs, set top boxes and game consoles. Through the Khronos Group – this specification will be made available, royalty free, to the embedded industry.  All OpenGL work in the Khronos Group is being undertaken with the support of the OpenGL ARB, the governing body for the OpenGL specification.

“The embedded industry urgently needs a royalty-free, cross- platform graphics API with advanced 2D and scalable 3D capabilities,” said Neil Trevett, senior vice president of market development at 3Dlabs and secretary of the Khronos Group.  “OpenGL is the natural starting point for this API which will enable the hardware and software embedded industries to independently innovate - enabling amazing new content on amazing new platforms.”

About the Khronos SIG
The Khronos Group was founded in January 2000 by a number of leading graphics and digital media companies including 3Dlabs, ATI, Discreet, Evans & Sutherland, Intel, SGI and Sun Microsystems to promote the creation and deployment of rich media through the creation of open standard APIs to enable the authoring and playback of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms & devices.  Go to for more information.


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