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Imagination and Khronos celebrate graphics innovation and open API standards with joint event

Embracing the opportunities and challenges of GPU in the evolving digital landscape

London, England – 19th July 2022Imagination Technologies and the Khronos® Group are holding the Khronos and Imagination Seminar in Shanghai, a developer event highlighting the rapidly evolving software-hardware ecosystem and the opportunities for GPU technology, open-source standards and open API interfaces across mobile gaming, automotive and cloud.

The companies are joined by several partners including Innosilicon, Tencent, and Unity, with Imagination highlighting its market-first Level 4 Ray Tracing Levels System GPU solution during the sessions.

Neil Trevett, President, Khronos Group, says: "Imagination has been a promoter member and strong supporter of Khronos since 2003 and has played a significant role in evolving the Khronos family of APIs, including the Vulkan® specification and ecosystem of developer tools. The Khronos Group has always appreciated Imagination’s contributions and drive for innovation, especially in the domains of graphics, ray tracing and parallel computation.”

Wallace Pai, Chairman of China Group, Imagination, says: “Imagination has been a proud promoter member of the Khronos Group ever since its inception. We are delighted to contribute to the Vulkan community with our PowerVR SDK and Tools. When designing IP, we also focus on enabling developers with the means they need to maximise hardware. We’re proud to continue our relationship with the Khronos Group, and we look forward to offering programmers the ability to create unique technologies.”

Imagination supports Vulkan 1.3 on all GPU platforms, not only improving the Khronos Group ecosystem but also supporting developers in the field as much as possible.

The PowerVR SDK has a wide range of Vulkan code examples with varying levels of abstraction. The well-documented examples include a range of tools available for those completely new to the Vulkan API who want to find out how to render a basic shape, right up to cutting-edge graphics techniques such as physically-based rendering (PBR) for more experienced graphics developers.

Watch the Khronos and Imagination Seminar on-demand sessions and find out more about the PowerVR SDK.


About Imagination Technologies
Imagination is a UK-based company that creates silicon and software IP (intellectual property) designed to give its customers an edge in competitive global technology markets. Its GPU, CPU, and AI technologies enable outstanding power, performance, and area (PPA), fast time-to-market, and lower total cost of ownership. Products based on Imagination IP are used by billions of people across the globe in their smartphones, cars, homes, and workplaces. See .

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About Khronos

The Khronos Group is an open, non-profit, member-driven consortium of over 180 industry-leading companies creating advanced, royalty-free, interoperability standards for 3D graphics, augmented and virtual reality, parallel programming, vision acceleration and machine learning. Khronos activities include 3D Commerce™, ANARI™, glTF™, NNEF™, OpenCL™, OpenGL®, OpenGL® ES, OpenVG™, OpenVX™, OpenXR™, SPIR-V™, SYCL™, Vulkan®, and WebGL™. Khronos members drive the development and evolution of Khronos specifications and are able to accelerate the delivery of cutting-edge platforms and applications through early access to specification drafts and conformance tests.


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