Fixstars to Release Beta Version of “FOXC” OpenCL Compiler for x86

Source-to-source compiler for the multi-core environment

Tokyo, Japan - December 16, 2009 - Fixstars Corporation announced their release of the Beta Version of their OpenCL Compiler "FOXC" for the x86 architecture starting today. This will allow software developers to take full advantage of multi-core x86 CPUs to develop OpenCL-based softwares. The "FOXC" Beta version can be downloaded for free from their website. (Website:

OpenCL is a parallel computing framework for programming multi-core systems, such as multi-core CPUs, GPUs, Cell/B.E., DSPs. The framework, which is a product of joint effort by the world’s leading semiconductor makers and hardware vendor, is attracting attention as an efficient and highly portable open technology for software development.

"FOXC" is a source-to-source compiler that takes OpenCL code as the input source. The output source file is a readable C code optimized to take advantage of the hardware architecture, which may be further hand-tuned. The FOXC Beta version being released today generates executable code for x86 multi-core CPUs, including optimizations using SSE instructions and multi-threading.

"In order to draw out the true performance capability of x86 multi-core CPUs, a mastery of SSE instructions and multi-threading is necessary, which is not an easy skill set to acquire," said Akihiro Asahara, the leader of the Software Platform Group within the Software Solution Division at Fixstars. "By using FOXC, anyone will be able to generate optimized code for x86 multi-core CPUs through OpenCL."

Fixstars will continue to improve "FOXC", while actively performing OpenCL Compiler Development Services using "FOXC" as the basis.

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Fixstars Corporation provides software technology solutions that target Cell/B.E. and GPU with a vision of the future where multi-core microprocessors are the standard. Fixstars enables the increase in performance of Multi-core based operations through provision of a complete, integrated ecosystem with specific turn-key products for Finance, Medical, Manufacturing, and Digital media markets.

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