ALT Software wins multi-million dollar OpenGL ES and OpenVG contract

Embedded graphics leader to develop device drivers for POWERVR SGX graphics IP core in next-generation System on Chip processor designed for high performance in power constrained devices.

TORONTO, Canada - January 7th, 2010 - ALT Software announced today that it has been selected by a leading semiconductor manufacturer to develop a series of graphics drivers and custom software modules for their next-generation SoC processors targeted for use in low power embedded computing devices. The manufacturer’s identity and many other specific details cannot be revealed due to confidentiality agreements. ALT’s software will enable the SoC processor’s multimedia functions, including the POWER VR SGX graphics IP core, which provides high-performance graphics within the SoC, eliminating the need for a dedicated graphics chip.

ALT Software has been a leading provider of embedded OpenGL graphics drivers for well over a decade. Their products can be found in devices ranging from aircraft cockpit displays to automotive infotainment systems and handheld devices. This design win includes providing OpenGL ES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 (which supports Macromedia Flash and other 2D graphics rendering functions) drivers for the next-generation SoC’s SGX graphics core. OpenGL ES is internationally recognized as the de facto 2D & 3D open-standard graphics API for embedded devices and is used in graphics intensive mobile applications such as advanced user interfaces, games, and 3D moving maps.

“This significant contract provides ALT with an opportunity to further expand our support for Imagination Technologies’ POWERVR graphics IP cores,” said Darryl Parisien, President of ALT Software. “Today’s low power mobile consumer devices such as netbooks and smartphones increasingly require advanced graphics features despite battery life constraints, continuously shrinking platforms, and falling retail costs. Imagination Technologies’ graphics IP cores have proven to be an excellent solution for semiconductor manufactures seeking to address these challenges by integrating support for high performance graphics directly into the CPU.”

“Imagination Technologies is delighted that ALT was selected as the provider of OpenGL and OpenVG driver software for what promises to be a very popular SoC,” said Peter McGuinness, Director of Business Development, of Imagination Technologies. “We are highly impressed with the expertise they have brought to the table with a number of POWERVR MBX and SGX based projects. This new software will leverage the many features of the fully programmable SGX IP core, such as Tile-Based Deferred Shading, as well as the impressive functionality offered by the OpenGL ES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 specifications.”

ALT Software provides embedded OpenGL, OpenGL SC, OpenGL ES, and OpenVG drivers that address a wide range of performance requirements and support a variety of system configurations, CPU and GPU. ALT’s POWERVR graphics device drivers can be easily ported to real-time operating systems (RTOS) used in consumer devices and in mission-critical environments such as avionics displays, handheld devices, automotive dashboard displays, industrial controls, and life critical medical devices.

About ALT Software
  Established in 1994, ALT Software is the world’s leading supplier of 2D/3D graphics, safety-critical and OpenGL solutions for embedded systems. They specialize in the development of advanced graphics software solutions which are compliant with the highest industry practices and standards for OpenGL and OpenVG as defined by the Khronos Group, as well as internationally recognized standards for safety critical and life critical environments such as the FAA and JAA recognized DO178-B guideline for aircraft and FDA 501(k) guideline for medical devices.