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Press Releases

Intel has joined the Khronos Group as a Promoting member and will also hold a seat on the Board of Directors to further advance the evolution of open standards that enable the authoring and acceleration of games and media on a wide variety of platforms and devices, such as mobile phones. Also announced in other Khronos news today, new members Emdigo, Feeling Software, Monotype Imaging, RadVision, Reigncomm, Scaleform, Softimage and TAT bring the total number of companies participating in the Khronos Group to over one hundred.

Khronos releases the royalty-free OpenMAX DL 1.0 specification to enable rapid implementation and seamless portability of optimized video, image and audio codecs on diverse silicon architectures. OpenMAX DL defines an API which contains a comprehensive set of audio, video and imaging functions that can be implemented and optimized on new processors by silicon vendors and then used by codec vendors to code a wide range of codec functionality. OpenMAX adds significant value to OEMs, ODMs and codec and middleware providers by improving time-to-market for advanced codecs on new silicon with significantly reduced software development costs and enables silicon providers to provide an open-standards-based platform for optimized codec development.