Basemark Web 3.0 Launches

Basemark Web 3.0 is a brand new industry standard browser benchmark and the only one with WebGL™ 2.0

HELSINKI, Finland (June 9th, 2016) – Basemark, the developer of industry-standard benchmarks for performance and power consumption analysis, today launches Basemark Web 3.0 browser benchmarking tool. With the new tool, Basemark extends support from mobile devices and VR to all connected devices that run a modern web browser, such as laptops and desktop PCs.

The test scenarios cover everything from web real-time graphics using WebGL 1.0.2 and upcoming WebGL 2.0 to the most popular JavaScript frameworks used by the leading websites of the world. Furthermore, Basemark Web 3.0 includes a battery test, enabling power consumption measurements under web workloads.

With the tool, professional software and hardware developers – as well individual consumers – can measure the performance of their devices simply through the web browser. The results can then be saved to the Basemark PowerBoard where users can accurately compare the performance of different browsers across all devices.

In addition to developing the product in close cooperation with the industry heavyweight companies under its Benchmark Development Program,  Basemark has collaborated with the Khronos Group, the consortium behind the WebGL API, during the 12 months of development of the tool.

“Basemark has a long history in creating industry-leading benchmarks for mobile devices, virtual realitysystems and browsers. Basemark Web 3.0 is a major milestone in developing trustworthy benchmarks for modern browsers, including WebGL,” says Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group. “We particularly welcome Basemark’s support for the upcoming WebGL 2.0 standard that will demonstrate the powerful rendering capabilities and stunning visuals that can be delivered through the browser using this new generation API. ”, he adds.

Basemark’s founder Tero Sarkkinen comments: “Basemark Web 3.0 is an entirely new browser benchmark, replacing the previous BrowserMark which was starting to approach the end of its lifecycle. We are extremely happy to provide full support now for desktop and laptop devices too, and strongly believe paying a visit to the Basemark PowerBoard before making a buying decision is worth for any technology enthusiast who cares about the performance of their devices”.

Basemark Web 3.0 complements the company’s full line of professional benchmarking tools,  Basemark GPU Mobile, VRScore™ and the Power Assessment Tool (PAT).

About Basemark

Basemark develops industry-leading system performance and power consumption analysis tools that are used by leading semiconductor and OEM companies around the world such as AMD, Imagination Technologies, Intel, NVIDIA, Renesas and Qualcomm. Its world-renowned product portfolio includes VRScore,  Basemark GPU, Basemark ES, Basemark X, Basemark OS and Browsermark.  Basemark is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. For more information,  please visit 

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