Antix Releases Game Development Kit (GDK) with OpenKODE and OpenGL ES support

30th April, 2010: Reading, England – Antix releases v1.0 of its free GDK to support publishers, developers and retail channels delivering networked, native games that consumers can copy and share across multiple screens irrespective of screen size, input device, OS, CPU and fields of use including mobile phones, TVs and STBs.

The GDK outputs the cross-platform high performance Antix Game Player ATX format; similar in concept to MP3 for music, ATX games can be deployed ubiquitously across devices without the problems of performance traditionally associated with such flexibility and power.

The GDK includes the complete toolset required to enable developers to code and produce ATX-formatted games, define DRM rules, and test the games on a PC. The GDK is free of charge to registered developers. It presents standard industry APIs (OpenKODE®, OpenGL® ES) and integrates with Microsoft® Visual Studio®, EclipseTM, or the developer’s own tool chain.

Using the toolset developers create a fully-signed, debugged and deployable game, ready for certification as a binary portable file across multiple screens. This control means that developers targeting phones, TVs and other devices do not have to be reduced to running games on emulated players on a PC;
  instead the GDK includes a native PC version of the Antix Game Player. The Eclipse or Visual Studio-based IDE comes tailored with GDK-specific plug-in features that allow binary portable games to be compiled and bundled with related assets and manifest data at the click of a button. The resultant single ‘atx’ file is ready for testing, signing, deployment and of course, playing.

“ATX is the Antix Game Player format; this is similar in concept to MP3 for music. Developers access a comprehensive suite of tools to convert their native games to our format which can then be run on multiple Antix-enabled platforms and devices without change; the efficiency helps developers, and the Antix GDK does this very well. However, it is the addressing of consumer needs that is the most fundamental requirement. Consuming games should be as flexible as consuming music, video and all users’ other media, in other words, they want to play from any device and then they want to copy and also share those games with friends and family and be part of communities both on and off network. Antix’ unique and patented secure format allows game services created with the Antix GDK to be deployed and then used by consumers in the way that they want, even in a highly fragmented market, all while protecting the rights and revenues of the publisher”, said Francis Charig, Antix’s Chief Executive.

Nalin Sharma, CEO of Puzzlekings comments, “Antix is the first company to articulate what the multi-screen story means for consumers and that’s of inordinate value to developers and of course to carriers with their plethora of diverse platforms. The Antix cross-platform format makes it possible for consumers to access their games on any device at home or on the move and to distribute them virally, sharing via WiFi, Bluetooth, through social networking sites and so on. The proposition uniquely includes the security that is necessary to protect the investment of Puzzlekings and other developers, essential for this to work in practice.”

Connect 2 Media CEO Eric Hobson remarks: “Antix Game Player represents a huge step forward for the industry. Cross platform game publishing becomes economically viable, and for publishers like Connect 2 Media massive new distribution channels open up.”

AI Factory CEO and founder Jeff Rollason comments: “The Antix GDK has been a powerful, stable, and easy to use kit that has made porting our games to the Antix platform a smooth and painless exercise. From the documentation, to the configurable PC runtime, to the project samples, everything we needed to hit the floor running was there and worked perfectly. Being able to use our C++ libraries unchanged has also been a massive help, and ensures the highest performance across the range of AGP supported devices.”

Rough Cookie CEO Danny Hoffman comments: “We have found that the Antix Player delivers the same performance from the platform as we experience using the native tools. The AGP tool chain was easy to get to grips with and where we needed support from Antix during the development we found it to be first-rate and very responsive. In three months we successfully ported three games. This is exceptional when you consider that this allows us to target multiple screens and platforms from each game’s single code base.”

Anders Nilsson, founder and CTO of Polarbit says: "Polarbit’s core business philosophy is delivering a consistent high quality gaming experience across as many platforms as possible. Our Fuse development platform allows us to utilize fully the potential of the Antix Game Player and quickly bring our titles to upcoming AGP enabled devices and the market opportunities it opens."

The Antix Game Player (AGP) is an on-device software client for native games services licensed to multiple tier one device makers. Antix now provides resources and services for storing games and related assets in a virtual warehouse, making it easy and cost-effective for publishers and developers to showcase and distribute games in Antix format to multiple sales channels in a controlled manner.

As well as the developer tools Antix’s game service includes a comprehensive, certification service, store as well as the warehouse and its on-device software client. Consumers using the Antix service can play their games across multiple screens irrespective of platform variations. Content can be distributed virally via the cloud or off-network from one device to another such as from a TV to a phone or a PC to an STB, alleviating bandwidth problems for carriers whilst the payment transaction is still handled via the service provider’s store. Numerous business models are supported such as advanced ‘Try Before You Buy’, available both on the device or directly in consumers’ PC browsers connected to a store.

About Antix Labs

The Antix Game Player (AGP) is an on-device software client for native games services licensed to multiple tier one device makers. Third party casual, advanced casual and premium games are distributed in a device-independent format similar in concept to MP3 or PDF. This format lets consumers access and share games from any of their connected Antix-powered ‘screens’, which include mobile phones, TVs, STBs, PMPs, and PCs. In much the same way as they do already with music, photos and videos, consumers can distribute trial games virally across networks and off-line to their friends and family while still protecting the rights and revenues of operators and publishers. In addition to AGP itself, Antix provides the corresponding tools, certification mechanism, optional white-label store, and optional game warehousing necessary to deploy a complete service offering.

Antix Labs Ltd., headquartered in Reading, England was founded by Francis Charig, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. For more information, please visit:

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About PuzzleKings

PuzzleKings is a UK based company dedicated to producing smart casual games for the mass market that can scale from portable gaming platforms through to next generation games consoles. PuzzleKings mission is to create great games with widespread appeal that are hugely innovative, immensely entertaining and have lasting value.

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Connect2Media is a cross-platform games publisher. Our mission is to deliver exceptional, original and licensed, entertainment content on a wide variety of devices, to consumers across the world. Headquartered in Manchester, UK with major offices in Israel Poland and now the US and an expanding global distribution footprint, Connect2Media publishes and distributes a portfolio of games that boasts some of the biggest names in entertainment as well as award-winning original properties. Connect2Media believes in creating compelling, fun, entertainment that can be delivered digitally and enjoyed universally.

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About AI Factory

AI Factory specialize in developing high quality, award winning AI engines for traditional and casual games, including board, card, puzzle and life-simulation games. All engines share an easy-to-use and feature-rich interface, including distinct and believable characterisation for computer opponents. This game engine resource is licensed to third party developers worldwide, allowing them to easily implement complete game software on PC, console, mobile, handheld devices and IFE (in-flight entertainment).

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About Rough Cookie

Established in 2008 in The Netherlands, Rough Cookie is focused on the design and development of premium quality games for various mobile platforms.

As a developer, Rough Cookie works with several key industry players. Its 2008 debut iPhone game Dougie Moo’s Aqua Antics came out with Chillingo, while WaterWays was released by Japanese publisher Taito. In 2009, Rough Cookie continued to produce quality title games, most notably Star Defense, published by ngmoco, which won several awards and was shown as one of the key examples of games on the iPhone platform during the WWDC 2009 Apple keynote.

Star Defense reached the US App Store top 10 of best selling iPhone games in the summer of 2009. Late 2009 the company received a Dutch Game Award for Star Defense and was ranked #30 in the top 50 iPhone developers of the year by

Through its game label Crumble Games the company publishes bite-sized casual games for a variety of mobile and handheld platforms.

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Polarbit AB, founded in 2005, is a game and middleware developer focusing on high- end mobile and handheld devices. Their experience, dedication and uncompromising attitude towards quality ensure customers and users that Polarbit technology is always synonymous with world-class entertainment technology.

Fuse is Polarbits’ proprietary middleware solution for cross-platform development on smartphones and handheld devices ; a highly optimized framework comprised of SDK, toolset and game engines supporting all major mobile platforms including iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Symbian, Brew, Nintendo DS, Wipi and Windows Mobile.

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