ALT and CARERI establish joint technology lab for new generation of embedded graphics display system

ALT Software to provide AMD ATI Radeon E4690 (M96) and X1400 (M54) embedded OpenGL graphics libraries & technical support services to support the launch of CARERI’s Critical Embedded Graphics Technology Lab for the advancement of avionics display technologies.

Toronto, ON, February 16, 2010 - ALT Software announced today that it has won a contract with the Chinese Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute (CARERI) to provide embedded graphics display drivers and hardware design services for the AMD ATI Radeon E4690 (M96) and Radeon X1400 (M54) graphics processors for deployment in next-generation avionics display systems. CARERI is a leading provider of avionics products and services to China’s aerospace industry. The Institute recently opened a Centre of Excellence in Shanghai known as the Critical Embedded Graphics Technology Lab. The Lab has been established for the advancement of avionics graphics display technologies and will be leveraging ALT’s products and expertise as part of their research and development mandate. ALT Software has been a leading provider of OpenGL ES and OpenGL SC (Safety Critical) display drivers for avionics systems for well over a decade. Their products are currently used in many of the world’s most advanced commercial and military aircraft.

This new relationship was brokered by Coordinate, a strategic partner and Value Added Reseller (VAR) with operations in China. "CARERI is a world-class leader in the field of avionics research, and ALT Software is a world-class leader in the field of embedded graphics for avionics systems," said Betty Li, Director of Business Development of Coordinate. "Coordinate is very pleased to be acting as the bridge between these two reputable organizations, thereby furthering the advancement of avionics display technologies in Chinese aircraft."

"Embedded graphics display technologies have experienced enormous performance improvements over the past few years, especially with the advent of high performance processors like AMD’s ATI Radeon E4690 and X1400," said Wang Guo Qing, President of CARERI. "These advances have inspired CARERI to create a Critical Embedded Graphics Technology Lab with the goal of leveraging these sorts of technologies to improve a pilot’s situational awareness in the cockpit. We selected ALT Software as our primary technology partner for this endeavor because of their impressive history of delivering high performance embedded graphics display solutions to the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers and systems integrators."

"We’re really excited about this new opportunity to work with CARERI," said Darryl Parisien, President of ALT Software. "China offers a wealth of business development opportunities and we consider this relationship to be a strategic milestone in our evolution as a global provider of embedded graphics software to the aerospace industry. We’re looking forward to working with CARERI to bring cutting edge graphics technology to China’s next-generation aircraft."

About ALT Software Inc.
ALT Software is the world’s leading supplier of advanced 2D/3D graphics, safety critical and OpenGL enabling solutions for embedded systems.

The company provides OpenGL ES, OpenGL SC and OpenVG graphics drivers for SoCs and discrete GPUs from AMD, Fujitsu, Intel, Imagination Technologies, Texas Instruments, Freescale, and others. ALT’s customizable high-performance 2D/3D embedded graphics drivers support a variety of real time operating systems (RTOS) and a range of system configurations.

From display drivers for the ATI Radeon E4690, AMD’s latest high-performance embedded computing GPU, to an OpenGL 1.1/SC software-based graphics renderer, ALT’s products support the full spectrum of high to low-end graphics requirements of various embedded systems. Their software is designed for deployment in aerospace and defense systems as well as in automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer devices.

CARERI is a specialized research institution for the research and development of integrated avionics systems and core equipment in China. It is mainly engaged in the development, manufacture and management of avionics and civil electronic technology and products as well as software.


Rightware Debuts Kanzi™ Cross-platform User Interface Solution at Mobile World Congress

User interfaces designed with Kanzi solution work in multiple different operating systems and embrace rich 3D graphics to provide better user experience and eye-popping visuals

Espoo, Finland -- February 2, 2010. Rightware will demonstrate ‘Mobile App Store’ application running in various mobile devices at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 15th through February 18th. Mobile App Store is designed and implemented using Kanzi user interface solution that enables designers to quickly have their applications running in different target devices.

Key advantage of the Kanzi solution is “design-once, deploy everywhere” cross-platform support for the leading mobile operating systems, including Android, Blackberry, Linux, Maemo, Moblin, iPhone OS, Palm Web OS, Symbian OS, and Windows Mobile. Kanzi solution is build on top of industry standard OpenGL ES graphics API.

In terms of designer’s work flow, Kanzi provides the missing link between today’s leading 3D graphics content creation tools, such as 3DS Max, Maya and Softimage on the one hand, and cell phones on the other hand. Artists can easily export their designs from these software packages to Kanzi SDK using COLLADA data format. Designers then rapidly compose the actual user interface application and apply all 3D graphics effects within the Kanzi SDK itself. The tool features a desktop runtime of the Kanzi engine to bring a real-time view of the final application at the desktop. This feature eliminates the need to continuously build the project to target device during development in order to inspect it. Therefore, design cycle shortens substantially while the designer is better able to realize her vision.

Kanzi runtime can be integrated to a wide variety of target devices, even those with different operating systems and hardware architectures. Applications made with Kanzi SDK will execute properly in all these devices, thus giving greater return on investment for the application developer.

Kanzi features a unified pipeline for OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL ES 1.x based 3D graphics. The engine supports real-time streaming of data, texture and fragment shaders, multi-texturing and dynamic lighting. There is also a versatile animation framework supporting key frame animations, such as vertex, object and bone based animations.

Rightware will exhibit at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 15th through 18th. The booth is located in Hall 1, 1E19. Interested companies and media are encouraged to book an appointment for a full hands-on demonstration by emailing a meeting request to

More information about Kanzi, screenshots and videos are available at Rightware’s web site:


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