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Press Release by year

The glFX Working Group is defining a run-time API to enable advanced 3D visual effects contained in a COLLADA FX file to be easily and portably used in OpenGL and OpenGL ES applications. The Composition Working Group is defining graphics APIs to enable window systems to be constructed using open standards for display composition to encourage mobile devices to use fully accelerated advanced user interfaces. Ardites, AZTEQ mobile, DaimlerChrysler, Coding Technologies, Marvell, Matrox, McubeWorks, Micron, NDS, NXP, Omegame, PineOne Communications, Tungsten and Vodafone have joined as new members. Khronos also announced a COLLADA contest to encourage open source COLLADA conditioning programs to be created and uploaded into the COLLADA Framework on Sourceforge.

Khronos has ratified and publicly released the finalized OpenGL ES 2.0 specification for programmable 3D graphics that will significantly boost the functionality, flexibility and visual realism offered by a wide range of embedded and mobile devices. Multiple OpenGL ES 2.0 silicon devices are expected to commence shipment before the end of 2007.

The OpenVG 1.0 Conformance Tests that can be used by vendors to certify that OpenVG implementations are compliant with the OpenVG specification and use the OpenVG trademark to encourage reliable, cross-platform vector graphics interoperability. The Sample implementation of OpenVG 1.0 is now open source under an MIT license to further enable OpenVG implementers and developers to leverage this innovative, royalty-free open standard in their products and applications.