New SMEDIA Technology Corporation Launches into the Multimedia IC Design Market

October 25, 2004 - PT/Expocomm, Beijing, China: SMEDIA TECHNOLOGY CORP is pleased to announce their immediate launch as the first IC design company in Taiwan to offer comprehensive design capabilities, including graphics, video, and imaging-related multimedia ICs.

The initial capital size of SMEDIA is US$ 6 million, and the major shareholder is United Microelectronics Corporation (NYSE: UMC; TSE: UMC). Currently, there are 60 employees in SMEDIA, with 70% of them in R&D. Mr. HY Lin, General Manager of SMEDIA, was previously the Senior Vice President of Integrated Technology Express, Inc. (TSE: ITE). Many of the R&D, Sales and Marketing staff at SMEDIA are formerly from the Multimedia Product Department of Silicon Integrated System (TSE:SiS). Because of this extensive background in developing cutting-edge multimedia products; SMEDIA is now able to offer the most advanced graphics accelerator, imaging and video technologies from SiS; together with the unique power-saving design developed by SMEDIA to offer market-leading mobile multimedia co-processors for hand held devices.

Along with the announcement of the new company, SMEDIA is also very pleased to announce Glamo 3360, a co-processor designed for accelerating the multimedia features of camera mobile phones. Glamo 3360 has the same level processor for image signal as a digital camera, and provides a completely hardwired JPEC/MPEG/H.263 encoder/decoder.

Glamo 3360 is the first highly-integrated IC for mobile phone including all the current visual functions demanded by consumers today. Glamo 3360 is unique in that it is the first co-processor with a built-in full 2D graphic accelerator engine (following the J2ME standard) and a 3D graphic accelerator engine (following the OpenGL ES® API and the D3DM standard). Under current camera mobile phone architecture, Glamo 3360 could help to easily upgrade a standard camera mobile phone to be a “media mobile phone,” with Video Conference, Video Recording, Graphic User Interface, and Complex 3D Games. .

SMEDIA is also pleased to announce that they have been invited by the Khronos Group to demonstrate the new Glamo technology on the Khronos group Booth #6675 at PT Expocomm, Beijing on October 26-30, 2004; and that Alan Tsai, Deputy Director of the R&D department at SMEDIA will lecture developers about their extensive experience with hardwired graphic acceleration on OpenGL ES at a session at PT/Expocomm on October 27th, from 9:30 to 16:00 in Session Room #221 Seminar Room - 2nd Floor CIEC Service Building. SMEDIA has been a member of the Khronos Group for several years and is committed to the development of OpenGL ES; a graphic API developed for 3D handheld devices. The Khronos Group focuses on developing OpenGL ES and OpenML for different applications. These royalty-free and open standards API can be applied to various platforms and peripherals, and provide play/edit functions for motion media.

“SMEDIA is glad to be invited to lecture on this important new graphic specification at PT/Expocomm, as they feel OpenGL ES is a large contributor to driving quality 3D graphics into the mobile handset market,” said Mr. HY Lin, General Manager of SMEDIA. “SMEDIA will continue to support OpenGL ES across their co-processor line of products and is working with a wide range of third parties to deliver middleware and engine solutions.”