Press Releases

Khronos Group Press Releases

Date of Press ReleasePress Release
January 24th, 2017Khronos Places OpenGL and OpenGL ES Conformance Tests into Open Source
December 06th, 2016Khronos Announces VR Standards Initiative
October 04th, 2016Khronos Launches Dual Neural Network Standard Initiatives
July 27th, 2016Khronos Establishes Advisory Panel to Create Design Guidelines for Safety Critical APIs
July 22nd, 2016Khronos Showcases Significant glTF Momentum for Efficient Transmission of 3D Scenes and Models
May 02nd, 2016Khronos Releases OpenVX 1.1 Specification for High Performance, Low Power Computer Vision Acceleration
April 19th, 2016Khronos Releases OpenGL SC 2.0 for Shader Programmable Safety Critical Graphics
April 18th, 2016Khronos Releases OpenCL 2.2 Provisional Specification with OpenCL C++ Kernel Language for Parallel Programming
February 16th, 2016Khronos Releases Vulkan 1.0 Specification
November 16th, 2015Khronos Releases OpenCL 2.1 and SPIR-V 1.0 Specifications for Heterogeneous Parallel Programming
October 19th, 2015Khronos Finalizes glTF 1.0 Specification for Efficient, Interoperable Transmission of 3D Scenes and Models
August 10th, 2015Khronos Invites Industry Participation to Create Safety Critical Graphics and Compute Standards
August 10th, 2015Khronos Expands Scope of 3D Open Standard Ecosystem
July 29th, 2015Khronos Releases Standardized Data Format Specification
June 04th, 2015Industry Momentum Building for OpenVX Computer Vision Acceleration API
May 11th, 2015Khronos Releases SYCL 1.2 Final Specification
March 03rd, 2015Khronos Releases OpenCL 2.1 Provisional Specification for Public Review
March 03rd, 2015Khronos Reveals Vulkan API for High-efficiency Graphics and Compute on GPUs
November 18th, 2014Khronos Updates OpenCL and SYCL Specifications for Heterogeneous Parallel Programming
October 20th, 2014Khronos Finalizes and Releases OpenVX 1.0 Specification 
for Computer Vision Acceleration
August 10th, 2014Khronos Releases SPIR 2.0 Provisional Specification to Enable Compiler Innovation on Diverse Parallel Architectures
August 10th, 2014Khronos Group Announces Key Advances in OpenGL Ecosystem
March 19th, 2014Web, 3D and OpenCL developers all benefit from latest updates to the Khronos suite of open, royalty free industry standards
March 19th, 2014Increased rendering flexibility and security; Enhanced interop between graphics and compute; Expanded system support
March 19th, 2014JavaScript bindings to OpenCL brings heterogeneous parallel computing to Web browsers
March 19th, 2014Conformance tests now available to certify OpenCL 2.0 implementations; OpenCL 2.0 header files and specification update also released
March 19th, 2014Programming abstraction layer to enable applications and high-level frameworks to leverage C++ and OpenCL for heterogeneous parallel acceleration
March 17th, 2014New version of the royalty-free 3D graphics API used on virtually all smartphones and tablets adds advanced 3D features and integrated GPU computing
January 20th, 2014Khronos Releases SPIR 1.2 Specification for Portable Encoding of OpenCL Device Programs
November 18th, 2013Khronos Finalizes OpenCL 2.0 Specification for Heterogeneous Computing
November 18th, 2013Khronos Releases OpenVX 1.0 Specification for Computer Vision Acceleration
July 22nd, 2013Khronos Releases OpenCL 2.0 
Provisional Specification for Public Review
July 22nd, 2013Khronos Releases OpenGL 4.4 Specification for 
Enhanced 3D Functionality, Performance and 
Streamlined Porting of Console and PC Titles
May 21st, 2013Khronos to Create New Camera Control Open Standard API
March 27th, 2013WebGL Momentum Creating the Industry’s most Secure and Portable 3D Platform
March 27th, 2013Khronos COLLADA now recognized as ISO Standard
November 29th, 2012Khronos Releases Significant OpenCL 1.2 Specification Update
August 06th, 2012Khronos Releases ASTC Next-Generation Texture Compression Specification
August 06th, 2012Khronos Releases OpenGL ES 3.0 Specification to Bring Mobile 3D Graphics to the Next Level
August 06th, 2012Khronos Releases OpenGL 4.3 Specification with Major Enhancements for the Standard in Open, Cross-Platform 3D Graphics
March 12th, 2012Khronos Group Prioritizes China’s Participation in Creation of Key International Technology Standards
February 16th, 2012Khronos Group Announces the KITE Initiative to Connect Industry to Education
February 14th, 2012Khronos Group Releases OpenMAX IL 1.2 Provisional Specification
December 13th, 2011Khronos to Create New Open Standard for Computer Vision
November 15th, 2011Khronos Releases OpenCL 1.2 Specification
October 11th, 2011The Khronos Group is pleased to invite Universities and Training Centers to Submit Open Course Content for Free KITE
August 08th, 2011Khronos Widens Call for Participation in New WebCL and StreamInput Working Groups
August 08th, 2011New open API specification available immediately; Developer feedback integrated into wide-ranging performance and functionality enhancements
April 12th, 2011Khronos to Create New Open Standard for 
Advanced Device and Sensor Input
March 03rd, 2011Khronos Releases Final WebGL 1.0 Specification to Bring Accelerated 3D Graphics to the Web without Plug-ins
March 03rd, 2011Khronos Group Releases Free COLLADA Conformance Test Suite
January 18th, 2011Khronos Group Releases OpenSL ES 1.1 Specification For Stereo and 3D Audio on Any Mobile Platform an
January 18th, 2011Khronos Group Releases Provisional OpenMAX AL Digital TV Extension Specification
January 18th, 2011Khronos Releases OpenMAX AL Specification for Application-level Video, Audio and Image Processing
July 26th, 2010Khronos Drives Evolution of Cross-Platform 3D Graphics with Release of OpenGL 4.1 Specification
June 14th, 2010Khronos Drives Momentum of Parallel Computing Standard with Release of OpenCL 1.1 Specification
March 11th, 2010Khronos Group Delivers COLLADA Adopters Package & Conformance Tests
March 11th, 2010Khronos Unleashes Cutting-Edge, Cross-Platform Graphics Acceleration with OpenGL 4.0
January 07th, 2010Epic Games Leads Industry to Unreal Graphics on Your Phone
November 16th, 2009Khronos Demonstrates OpenCL Momentum at SC09
November 09th, 2009Khronos Group Launches OpenWF Standard to 
Accelerate Windowing on Mobile and Embedded Devices
October 07th, 2009Khronos Group Releases OpenMAX AL 1.0 Specification for Application-level Video, Audio and Image Pro
August 05th, 2009The Khronos Group Announces Significant COLLADA Momentum at SIGGRAPH 2009
August 04th, 2009Khronos Details WebGL Initiative to Bring Hardware-Accelerated 3D Graphics to the Internet
August 03rd, 2009Khronos Releases OpenGL 3.2 - Third Major OpenGL Release within Twelve Months
March 24th, 2009Khronos Launches Initiative to Create Open Royalty Free Standard for Accelerated 3D on the Web
March 24th, 2009Khronos Group Releases OpenSL ES 1.0 Specification for Portable Mobile and Embedded Audio Processing
March 24th, 2009Khronos Releases Streamlined OpenGL 3.1 Specification
December 08th, 2008The Khronos Group Releases OpenCL 1.0 Specification
December 08th, 2008OpenVG 1.1 Specification Publicly Released by Khronos
August 11th, 2008Khronos Releases OpenGL 3.0 Specification Supporting Latest Generation Programmable Graphic Hardware
August 05th, 2008Khronos Releases COLLADA 1.5.0 Specification with New Automation, Kinematics, and Geospatial Functio
June 16th, 2008Khronos Launches Heterogeneous Computing Initiative
February 10th, 2008Khronos Releases OpenKODE 1.0 Royalty-Free Standard for Mobile Rich-Media and Graphics Application P
October 02nd, 2007Khronos Group Releases OpenMAX AL 1.0 and OpenSL ES 1.0 Specifications for Embedded Media and Audio
August 07th, 2007COLLADA 3D Asset Intermediate Standard Accelerates Adoption and is to be Extended for 2D Vector Grap
August 07th, 2007Khronos Group Gains Diverse New Members and Broadens Standards-based Ecosystem
August 07th, 2007SoftBank Mobile Joins the Khronos Group
May 22nd, 2007SOFTBANK MOBILE Adopts OpenKODE to Provide Rich Media Acceleration in its New Handset Platform
April 17th, 2007Khronos and Web3D Enter Official Cooperation as Mobile & Internet Continue to Converge
March 07th, 2007Khronos Group Initiates New Working Groups, Gains New Membership and Launches COLLADA Contest
March 05th, 2007Khronos Releases Finalized OpenGL ES 2.0 Specification
March 05th, 2007Khronos Releases Official Conformance Tests and Open Source Sample Implementation for OpenVG 1.0
February 12th, 2007Khronos Releases OpenKODE 1.0 Specification for Mobile Rich Media Applications
February 12th, 2007Khronos Releases New OpenMAX IL 1.1 Standard for Enhanced Streaming Media Portability
December 12th, 2006Khronos Invites Public Review of OpenKODE 1.0 Specification Draft
August 02nd, 2006OpenGL 2.1 Specification Publicly Released
August 01st, 2006Khronos Group Standards Support Hundreds of Developer 3D content creation tools, applications and mi
August 01st, 2006COLLADA Open Standard for 3D Asset Interchange Gains Significant Industry Momentum
July 31st, 2006OpenGL ARB to Pass Control of OpenGL Specification to Khronos Group
July 31st, 2006Apple, Dell, Google and Others Join the Khronos Group
June 27th, 2006Bellagio OpenMAX IL open source sample implementation for Linux lets developers create OpenMAX multi
June 22nd, 2006COLLADA gains momentum as standard for exchanging 3D models between content and game creation tools
March 22nd, 2006Khronos Announces Release of COLLADA 1.4 and New Members Emdigo, Feeling Software and Softimage
March 22nd, 2006Khronos Announces New Members Monotype Imaging, Scaleform, TAT and Accelerated OpenVG Demonstrations
March 22nd, 2006Intel Joins Khronos Group as a Promoter Member
February 13th, 2006Strong support from major silicon vendors; Second of three OpenMAX standards to provide comprehensive streaming media portability
February 12th, 2006OpenMAX DL enables rapid implementation and seamless portability of optimized video, image and audio
January 04th, 2006Khronos Releases OpenMAX IL 1.0 Specification for Standardized Integration of Codecs into Embedded M
January 04th, 2006Khronos Announces New OpenKODE Initiative to Define a 
Mobile Media Application Development Environm

Khronos Group Member Press Releases

Date of Press ReleasePress Release
November 16th, 2016AImotive Introduces Level 5 Self-Driving Automotive Technology Powered By Artificial Intelligence To U.S. Market
October 14th, 2016Xenko game engine announces Vulkan graphics API implementation
September 19th, 2016Early Access to the SYCL Open Standard for C++ Acceleration
July 07th, 2016The Future is Parallel: Exclusive OpenCL and Parallel Computing Training Offered in Sunnyvale and Toronto
June 09th, 2016Basemark Web 3.0 Launches
April 20th, 2016CoreAVI Releases the Industry’s First OpenGL SC 2.0 Suite of Graphics Drivers
November 04th, 2015Maxon Joins The Khronos Group
January 14th, 2015Xilinx SDAccel Development Environment for OpenCL, C, and C++, Achieves Khronos Conformance
March 31st, 2014Imagination’s PowerVR Series6 is the first mobile GPU to pass OpenCL 1.2 conformance
April 10th, 2013Learning WebGL Appoints Tony Parisi Editor-in-Chief
March 19th, 2013CogniVue Endorses Open Standard for Computer Vision by Joining the Khronos Group
March 11th, 2013LEAP 2013 Conference to Showcase the Latest Advances in the Application of Parallel Computing Technology on Low-Energy Mobile CPU/GPU, FPGA and Embedded Devices
May 07th, 2012DMP Introduces High-End OpenGL ES 2.0 IP Cores and Multi-Core Configurations to Its SMAPH-S Product
February 28th, 2012New white paper examines how GPGPUs and OpenCL can be used for improved performance in Natural User Interfaces
March 16th, 2011Cassidian selects Presagis Seawind OpenGL Software driver and S3 Graphics 2300E GPU for digital maps
February 14th, 2011Imagination submits POWERVR SGX cores for OpenCL conformance
December 30th, 2010Vivante Momentum Continues in the GPU Market with 40 Licensees
December 09th, 2010drawElements Launches Analysis Tools Improving Graphics Driver Quality
November 16th, 2010DMP and Xilinx Collaborate on Xilinx Alliance Program
July 27th, 2010DMP Releases AndroidTM OpenGL ES 3D Graphics E-learning Kit
May 05th, 2010Antix Releases Game Development Kit (GDK) with OpenKODE and OpenGL ES support
April 07th, 2010Fixstars Releases "OpenCL Programming Book" Introduction to OpenCL
March 22nd, 2010MIPS Technologies and DMP Collaborate on AndroidTM Development for MIPS® Architecture
February 18th, 2010ALT and CARERI establish joint technology lab for new generation of embedded graphics display systems
February 02nd, 2010Rightware Debuts Kanzi™ Cross-platform User Interface Solution at Mobile World Congress
January 25th, 2010Symbio Delivers Extensive OpenWF Conformance Test Suite and Conformant Sample Implementation to Khronos Group
January 20th, 2010Vivante and Animated Media Partner to Offer Embedded Flash Solutions Optimized for Vivante OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphics Processors
January 12th, 2010Imagination Technologies announces POWERVR SGX545 graphics IP core with OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL 1.0
January 07th, 2010ALT Software wins multi-million dollar OpenGL ES and OpenVG contract
December 16th, 2009Fixstars to Release Beta Version of "FOXC" OpenCL Compiler for x86
December 11th, 2009ALT Software releases optimized OpenGL ES and OpenVG graphics drivers for the POWERVR MBX graphics core
November 16th, 2009DMP adds OpenGL ES 2.0 shader-based graphics IP to its new “SMAPH®” graphics IP core family
October 29th, 2009Fixstars launches OpenCL software service for application developers Professional service to support utilization of OpenCL
October 27th, 2009Vivante GPUs Power Marvell ARMADA Application Processors
September 22nd, 2009Vivante Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Technology Selected by Cavium Networks
September 22nd, 2009Ultimate Mini-ITX HD Multimedia Platform Combines DX10.1 and Dual HDMI through both Discrete and Integrated Graphics
June 29th, 2009Chinese Academy of Sciences Selects Vivante as GPU Partner for Netbooks
June 24th, 2009Intel and Nokia announce strategic relationship to shape next era of Mobile Computing innovation
June 23rd, 2009ALT Software selected to deliver DO- 178B certifiable OpenGL Drivers for ATI RadeonTM E4690 GPU
June 08th, 2009Vivante Corporation Signs 15th GPU Licensee
May 29th, 2009Opera joins the Khronos Group as a contributing member
May 22nd, 2009Providing OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphics Solutions with Smallest Silicon Area
May 19th, 2009Incoras Solutions announces MediaDesigner™
December 16th, 2008Movial Joins the Khronos Group
September 19th, 2008SGI further opens its OpenGL contributions
August 18th, 2008POWERVR SGX first with conformance for all Khronos mobile APIs on production silicon
August 08th, 2008Digia joins Khronos Group as a Contributing Member
March 28th, 2008TransGaming Joins Industry Leaders as Khronos Group Member
October 25th, 2004New SMEDIA Technology Corporation Launches into the Multimedia IC Design Market
July 30th, 2003Criterion Software & Hybrid Graphics release OpenGL ES-based 3D graphics library for TI wireless platform