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Why SYCL: Elephants in the SYCL Room

Michael Wong, Chair of the SYCL Working Group, and Intel’s James Reinders offer their perspectives on these key questions about SYCL:

  • Elephant 1: Aren’t GPUs enough? Do other accelerators really matter?
  • Elephant 2: Why not just use Nvidia CUDA?
  • Elephant 3: Why not just use AMD HIP?
  • Elephant 4: Why not just use OpenCL?
  • Elephant 5: Can’t we just use C++ ?
  • Elephant 6: Can SYCL queues can make it into ISO C++?
  • Elephant 7: Who is behind SYCL? Is it really Open in the true sense of the word?
  • Elephant 8: I see a herd of elephants – why should I believe in SYCL?