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MobiX3D player renders X3D on mobile devices with OpenGL ES (pdf paper)

The Web3D 2006 Symposium (April 18-21, Columbia Maryland) will feature a paper and demonstration of rendering X3D content content on mobile devices using the OpenGL ES API. X3D is royalty free, modern successor to VRML and offers a runtime system and delivery mechanism for real time 3D content and applications running on a network. The MobiX3D is a mobile player for X3D developed by HCI Lab that uses the OpenGL ES API for the rendering engine to support transparency (alpha-blending), color and shading (wireframe, flat and gouraud shading supported),
texturing, lighting, backface culling. Versions will be available for Pocket PC using the OpenGL ES 1.1 Hybrid Rasteroid library and for Intel 2700G based devices (e.g. Dell Axim X50V) using OpenGL ES 1.0.