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Update on the Khronos 3D Viewer Certification Program and the Drive for Rendering Consistency

The Viewer Certification Program launched with strong industry support from viewer vendors including Amazon, Babylon.js, CGTrader, Emersya, Epic Games (Unreal Engine), Facebook (Spark AR), Google ( & Scene Viewer), Samsung (Internet Browser on Android), Sketchfab, Unity, and UX3D (Gestaltor).

After retooling, the program is now open for business with greater clarity of scope, deeper technical analysis, and a streamlined testing process, and is announcing its first set of officially certified viewers, including products from UX3D (Gestaltor), Unity, Babylon.js, and CGTrader—with many more to come. We’re excited to continue to add viewers to the Viewer Certification Registry, giving artists and retailers the confidence to invest time and resources in glTF asset development, knowing they can rely on consistent performance across multiple viewers.