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TurboSquid discusses 3D Commerce and helping to solve the file format issues

​According to TurboSquid, there are three main challenges to overcome if retailers want to fully embrace 3D in the 3D Commerce arena. 1 - We have lots of assets, but we don’t know where they are; 2 - There are so many file formats and 3 - My marketing team doesn’t think in 3D. “Standardizing file formats is going to become even more important as 3D takes hold in retail. We are currently working with companies like Target, Google, and Adobe as part of the Khronos 3D Commerce Initiative to solve this, so companies can “make it once” and use it again and again,” writes Matt Wisdom is co-founder and CEO of TurboSquid. The 3D Commerce working group is open to any company that wishes to participate. Learn more about the 3D Commerce challenges facing retailers, and how your company can join the Khronos Group.