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Triton Ocean SDK 4.0 supports OpenGL 4.5 and multi-threaded, bindless rendering

Sundog Software released version 4.0 of its ocean water simulation library for OpenGL, the Triton Ocean SDK. Triton 4 features a re-architecture to align it with modern rendering architectures, and uses OpenGL 4.5 and certain NVidia extensions to implement a Vulkan-like approach to rendering water. Multi-threaded processing of command lists, bindless rendering, and bindless uniform buffer objects all work to maximize performance, especially when rendering multiple views concurrently in VR applications. Triton has also updated to use NVidia’s CUDA Toolkit 9.1 under the hood for accelerating the Fast Fourier Transforms that power its ocean wave model. Triton allows you to simulate physically-accurate seas for any sea state or swell conditions, and supports ship wakes, reflections, rotor wash, coastal effects, and more. It’s used worldwide in hundreds of maritime training systems and games.