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OpenVG 1.0 for accelerated 2D vector graphics

Khronos has publicly released the OpenVG 1.0 royalty-free, open standard for low-level 2D vector graphics. OpenVG enables hardware acceleration of libraries such as such as Flash and SVG, enabling high-quality, anti-aliased, scalable 2D vector graphics and fonts on embedded and handheld devices with highly interactive performance and low levels of power consumption. Khronos will release details of an OpenVG 1.0 Adopter’s Program in the second half of 2005, including a Conformance Testing Program enabling conformant products to use the OpenVG trademark ensuring that conformant OpenVG implementations provide a reliable, cross-platform 2D graphics programming platform. OpenVG has also been designed
to seamlessly interoperate with OpenGL ES 3D graphics using EGL 1.2. Read Release.