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OpenGL ES Safety Critical API gains momentum with new members Diehl Avionik and Zandiant Technologie

Diehl Avionik Systeme (think Airbus and large military aviation programs) and Zandiant Technologies, a leading supplier in automotive navigation and telematics systems have become Khronos Contributing Members with a focus on OpenGL SC. Rapidly-emerging markets that require OpenGL SC 1.0 include: cutting-edge automotive instrumentation; avionics displays that must pass the FAA-mandated DO-178B certification process; industrial applications such as power plant instrumentation, transportation monitoring and control; and real-time display of medical data requiring 100% reliability for surgery. While these industries have traditionally relied on proprietary subset definitions of OpenGL, manufacturers are now demanding open standard solutions to reduce development costs and shorten product development times. Also Princess Interactive has become an OpenGL ES Adopter in order to port their INSIDES V4.0 HMI-virtual prototyping/virtual cockpit system to OpenGL ES.