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MPEG finalized 3D Graphics Compression Model instantiated for COLLADA standard

MPEG finalized the standardization of the 3D Graphics Compression Model as a new part of the MPEG-4 (ISO/IEC 14496-25 3D GCM). This specifies a generic architecture model able to connect compression tools developed by MPEG for 3D graphics primitives to any XML based representation of such primitives. Currently, the standard instantiates this model for three standards: XMT (ISO/IEC 14496-11), COLLADA (specified by Khronos Group), and X3D (ISO/IEC 19775:2004) by specifying the complete set of correspondences between the MPEG-4 compression tools and elements of these three standards.

The new content obtained by such combination is packaged into an ISO file format that is able to carry in a lossless manner the data structure expressed in XML while reducing the size of the original file by 50:1 and supporting geometry, texture and animation streaming. The reference software implementation, publicly available under ISO license, covers both encoder and decoders. MPEG-4 for 3D Graphics becomes a transparent layer, optimally designed for storage and transmission, and independent of production and consumption conditions.