Mali Video Series IP Cores offer high quality video, H.264 encode/decode and a simple upgrade to OpenGL ES-accelerated 2D/3D graphics

Falanx Microsystems has added the Mali Video Series Configuration to their line of smart pixel processing cores. It addresses the needs of mobile phone and handheld device manufacturers who want immediate access to high frame rate video capture and playback but also want the option to include rich OpenGL ES-based 3D gaming capabilities in future models. The Mali pixel processors and geometry processing core accelerate video encoding and decoding up to 30 frames per second and handle motion estimation, motion compensation, video scaling, image differencing and color-space conversion tasks. As with all Falanx graphics accelerator cores, the Mali cores include a complete out of the box software stack that is pre-verified to support OpenGL ES. In related news, Falanx submitted the Mali 110 to the OpenGL ES 1.1 conformance process.