Khronos Group Announces COLLADA Conformance Suite Contract Bid Award!

The Khronos Group has awarded a contract for the final development of the COLLADA 1.4 conformance suite. The conformance suite will allow Khronos Adopters to test their COLLADA 1.4 implementations and earn a badge for either Baseline, Superior or Exemplary conformance. These badges represent increasing levels of support for COLLADA features and robust interoperability among conforming applications. End users will benefit by using tools with known levels of conformance for the features they need from the best products on the market. This contract will build off the recent contribution from Intel that greatly improved the test suite and framework.

Mark Barnes, COLLADA working group chair says “Development of the COLLADA conformance suite is the work group’s top priority for 2009. It’s essential for us to foster a healthy COLLADA ecosystem of tools and applications for artists and developers working with open content pipelines.”

Yumetech has been awarded the contract in an open bid process. Yumetech specializes in the creation of open standards and open source software for 3D graphics development. The company has prior experience developing portions of the X3D conformance suite and is a current member of Khronos and participates in the COLLADA working group.

“Yumetech is committed to the development of open standard 3D graphics solutions. This contract aligns well with our vision of providing open content pipelines for our customers’ data. It allows us to further improve both the COLLADA standard and provides the value of data portability required by our customers”, says Alan Hudson, President Yumetech.

The availability of the COLLADA within the Khronos Adopter’s package has been planned for August 2009.