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Khronos KTX 2.0 Textures in OGC’s I3S v1.2 Puts the Whole World in Your Hands

To reliably distribute geospatial textures to diverse platforms and applications, Esri chose Khronos’ KTX 2.0, an efficient and lightweight GPU texture container format. KTX precisely specifies how the contents of a texture file are to be handled, from a simple base-level 2D texture to a cubemap array texture with mipmaps. KTX files also hold all the parameters needed for efficient texture loading into 3D APIs such as OpenGL and Vulkan, including access to individual mipmap levels. The latest version of the specification, KTX 2.0, adds support for Basis Universal supercompressed GPU textures - creating truly ‘Universal Textures’ that can be encoded once, are compact to transmit, and are efficient to process on any GPU across multiple platforms.