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Ideaworks3D Announces Airplay(TM) 3.5 to Bring Console Developers to Mobile

Ideaworks3D, a leading developer of native mobile technology and applications, today announced that the release of Airplay 3.5 - the world’s most advanced tools and middleware for native mobile game development - will revolutionise the way console and handheld developers look at mobile gaming. Airplay 3.5 provides full support for OpenKODE, the emerging industry standard for mobile operating system abstraction. The Khronos group has ratified Airplay as being compliant on far more platforms than any other provider. Airplay includes the world’s fastest mobile software renderer, empowering rich 2D and 3D graphics on ARM9 and ARM11 handsets without hardware graphics acceleration. However, Airplay 3.5 also seamlessly supports OpenGL ES 1.x, allowing developers to exploit the power of any hardware graphics acceleration on the handset.