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glTF featured in 10 digital twin trends for 2023

Interest in digital twins has picked up over the last year. Digital twin tools are growing in capability, performance and ease of use. They are also taking advantage of promising formats like USD and glTF to connect the dots among different tools and processes. Advances in techniques for combining models can also improve the accuracy and performance of hybrid digital twins. Generative AI techniques used for text and images may also help create 3D shapes and even digital twins. These kinds of advances will allow enterprises to mix and match modeling capabilities in new ways and for new tasks.

There is growing momentum behind the glTF file format for exchanging 3D models across different tools. The Khronos Group calls it the JPEG for the metaverse and digital twins. Expect gITF to pick up steam, particularly as creators look for an easy way of sharing interactive 3D models across tools.