GIGA Game Platform offer developers OpenGL ES accelerated hardware for mobile devices (920 KB ppt)

At the 2005 Mobilepphone Conference & Exhibit, SKTelekom detailed their plans for GIGA class 4. GIGA (Graphic Instruction Graphic Acceleration) is SK Telecom’s game platform standard to provide linkage between OpenGL ES H/W acceleration and the WIPI platform for mobile handsets. In addition it also enables premium sound systems like MP3, and AAC+, vibration solutions, and gravity sensing. The core GIGA API eases the development process of games, while OpenGL ES 1.0 Common-Lite, 2D API, Math, Util functions provides high performance. Cellular phones designed for GIGA platform are to be powered by ATI's IMAGEON 2300 series multimedia processor. Because of the dedicated OpenGL ES hardware 3D acceleration in the IMAGEON processor, users of GIGA service will experience on cellular handsets the similar visual quality and 3D gaming performance they have had on PCs and game console. High Level 3D engines that support GIGA and OpenGL ES include Fathammer, HI, Reakosys, Gomid, and Superscape. The PowerPoint of the presentation is available for download.