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Diligent Engine v2.5: Ray Queries, Async Compute, Wave Operations, and more

Diligent Engine is a modern, cross-platform, low-level graphics library and rendering framework that supports Vulkan, OpenGL/GLES, D3D11, D3D12, and Metal. The latest release 2.5 adds a number of major improvements:

  • Pipeline resource signatures, an abstraction over descriptor set layouts, enable applications to define explicit shader resource layouts that allow sharing shader resources between different pipeline states without the need to rebind them.
  • Multiple immediate contexts enable async compute and parallel rendering.
  • Ray queries is a powerful extension to ray tracing that allows casting rays from regular shaders (pixel, compute, etc.).
  • Wave operations enable sharing data between threads in one shader thread group.
  • Memoryless framebuffer attachments enable memory savings on mobile platforms.
  • A new tutorial demonstrates how to implement a simple hybrid renderer that combines rasterization with ray tracing.

Starting with this release, the API will be much more stable with very few breaking changes expected in the future.