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COLLADA v1.4 presentation from Siggraph 2005 covers Collada DOM, Collada FX, Collada Physics, conformance testing and reconfigurable production pipeli

COLLADA is an interchange format between content creation and 3D processing tools that can be used to create a production pipeline. The Collada presentation from Siggraph 2005 is a comprehensive overview of what Collada does, what it is used for and how it works. The presentation also gives information about the upcoming Collada v1.4 including Collada FX, Collada Physics, Conformance testing, and reconfigurable production pipelines using the Collada DOM with Asset Tags and Conditioners.

  • Collada FX allows interchange of complex, multi-pass shader effects, for multiple platforms, for both fixed-function (e.g. OpenGL ES 1.X) and programmable-pipelines (e.g. OpenGL ES 2.X)
  • Collada Physics provides an API independent description of basic rigid body and jointed models including collision bounds, and sence partitioning
  • The Collada Conformance Suite ensures that developers create reliable, high quality exporters and importers for all DCC applications
  • The Collada DOM offers a way to read, write and validate files, handle asset management and develop Conditioners (modules to process subsets of 3D assets) to create a framework that allows users to reconfigure their own production pipelines using standard tools