COLLADA 1.4 DOM released as open source, enabling developers to easily add COLLADA import / export to their applications

The COLLADA DOM is a comprehensive framework for the development of COLLADA applications and provides a C++ programming interface to load, query, and translate COLLADA instance data. The DOM loads COLLADA data into a runtime database consisting of structures that mirror those defined in the COLLADA schema. These runtime structures are auto-generated from the current schema, eliminating inconsistency and error. Developers can directly use the data structures loaded into the COLLADA
runtime database within their application so they can easily add import and export capabilities for COLLADA v1.4.0 or COLLADA v1.3.1 documents. This release contains the COLLADA DOM for 1.3.1 and 1.4.0, full documentation, sample code (simple conditioners), and sample data. It is released under an open source license