ATI Imageon 2380 and 2388 handheld processors offer 3D graphics with OpenGL ES 1.1 + Extension Pack as well as audio and video functionality

ATI has announced a complete audio and visual solution for handheld devices: the Imageon 2380 and Imageon 2388. The processors offer end users an enriched multimedia and gaming experience by leading the industry with the implementation of OpenGL ES 1.1 + Extension Pack. OpenGL ES 1.1 + Extension Pack allows game developers and content creators to bring more realistic detail in environments, lighting and objects, while maintaining a high level of interactivity. By alleviating a significant amount of work being done by the main processor, the new Imageon processors can efficiently produce 3D visual effects and drive animation with quality previously unattainable on a cell phone. The flexible and programmable audio engine enable positional 3D sound, CD-quality ring-tones and music phones with high-quality stereo recording and playback. The video engine enables a mobile digital camcorder/player and supports advanced features such as video-telephony and video-streaming.