Announcing Feeling Snappy - Extremely fast COLLADA translators and SDK

Are you or your users tired of waiting for COLLADA files to import or export? Have you had out-of-memory problems processing very large scenes? Feeling Snappy is the answer you’ve been waiting for. It is a radically optimized version of Feeling Software’s popular COLLADA tools relied upon by hundreds of game and film studios throughout the world.

Benefits at a glance
* The same high-quality translators for Maya, 3ds Max and Motion Builder you’ve grown to love and rely on, now redesigned for amazing speed and improved memory usage.
* 8 to 10 times faster: less annoying delays, more productivity
* 5 to 10 times more memory efficient: import and export extremely complex scenes at record speed
* Up to 50% more memory available for your application after import, achieved through reduced memory fragmentation
* No changes to FCollada API: simply recompile and enjoy fast, memory-efficient performance through your whole pipeline.